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Wok Size Recommendation

Customer (PF13L160EI):  I would like to know the maximum size wok that can be used on this wok burner. I am in xxxxxxxxxxx and I think you are in xxx  xxxxx.  By the way I have already ordered one from

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natural gas stove

Inquiry:      Hi- I am building an outdoor kitchen and recently came across your product after a significant amount of research. I am looking for a natural gas wok burner and can’t find anything that gets in the BTU range 0-160

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Inquiry:      Is this made in china or Taiwan? Outdoorstirfry:  We get parts from various vendors, some from China some from USA.   Then we make our final products here in USA. If we don’t answer your question, please ask further,

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Gas smell with PF13L160

Customer (PF13L160):  I have been noticing that there is a gas smell with my PF13L160 when I’m cooking for a longer time, around 10 minutes. However I don’t notice it if I’m cooking within 2-3 minutes. I’m a little concerned,

Can these be used to fry turkeys?

Inquiry: hi I was wondering if the if these can be used to fry turkeys? I am confused  with the short ones, they are 3 ft tall? what is a good # to call? How many jet do the burners

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wok hei chemistry

Inquiry:   Hi, I just read your site saying “The flavor is complex, and it is caused by a mixture of sooty compounds from the combustion of oil, caramelization of oxidized sugars, and Maillard reactions” — can you refer me to

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Shipment Pause Period 10/26/2019 to 11/4/2019

We will not be able to ship between 10/26 to 11/4 of 2019, due to resource limitation.   If you want us to ship before 10/26, please place the order before 10/24.  Otherwise we will ship after 11/4.    Sorry for

About quick connector (Natural Gas Stoves)

Inquiry:  I see your description with included hose saying 5″ and I am pretty sure you meant 5′. I have a quick connect for my bbq grill and assuming this easily connects the same? Do you know the btu rating?

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Choosing between electronic and manual ignition

Inquiry:  I’m excited to purchase one of your wok burners. I’ve done a lot of research and settled on your company. I was hoping you could help clarify about the electronic ignition. In some of your reader questions and FAQs

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Shipping price adjustment

We have come to realize that paypal does not calculate correct shipping charge for small items in the wok and accessory page.  We have made the adjustment that each single small item shipping cost is $6 within 48 states of

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