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Excited about wok burner!

Customer (PF13L160):  Tested in the dark. Looks pretty past midnight.

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Thanks and two recipes

Customer (PF13L160):  Hi, I bought one of your wok cookers several years ago.  Time for a new one (I broke parts, it got rusted).   Ordered it yesterday.   I have been very happy with the first purchase and look forward to

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Still around?

Customer (PF13L130):  I wanted to buy a PF13L160 and wanted to make sure they were still available and you are still shipping during Covid. Also I was wondering if you had a recommendation of large wok size.  I’ve been cooking

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replacement hose

Customer (PF13L160EI):  Hi,  I have PF13L160EI. Mine came a few years ago with red hose, which is now weathered in the sun. I would like to buy a replacement hose. Outdoorstirfry:  Can you send pictures of your both hose ends

Electronic ignition head can’t strike a flame.

Outdoorstirfry (EF13SQN50WG):    An EasyFlamer EF13SQN50WG stove has been deposited with  It takes 2~3 business days to reach your address.   The tracking number is ????. Attached in this email is the user installation guide.   When we test the stove

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Wind guard

Customer (EF13LQN50WG):  I just ordered an EasyFlamer EF13LQN50WG ten minutes ago from your website. I am wondering if it is possible I can have one with wind guard in regular steel in black instead of in galvanized steel with no

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Strategy Against Coronavirus

Customer (PF13LQN120):  Due to the Coronavirus,  I am cooking at home with a restaurant like high power stove. Outdoorstirfry:   I think you are making a good choice to stay more at home.  Bests.

Wok burner (PF13L160) Not Hot Enough

Customer:  I noticed my burner is not turning up so high.  I have it on full blast and I can only get a medium flame.  I did leave it out overnight and there might be some rust accumulating, maybe the

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additional accessories

Customer (PF13L160):  Hi, i have a question you don’t sell additional accessories to this equipment? I am looking for a plain ring to can use the fryer with normal pan not only with a wok?  Outdoorstirfry:  The stove flame goes

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Propane regulator is defective and won’t allow propane from Propane tank and through the hose

Customer (PF13L160):  Propane regulator is defective and won’t allow propane from Propane tank and through the hose Outdoorstirfry:  The regulator has a leak protection feature. When activated, it reduces gas flow to the burner. Please re-read item 8 2~4 paragraphs

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