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What size pipe are the legs made out of?

Half Inch.

(EF13SQN50WG) how low to the ground does the top of this sit?

Inquiry: (EF13SQN50WG) how low to the ground does the top of this sit?  I am looking for a NG burner that sits at counter height. Outoorstirfry: It is about 1 foot in height.

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Outdoor wok stove questions.

Inquiry: I’m interested in an outdoor wok stove, and I’m trying to decide which model to buy.  I have a few questions: Would you recommend the electronic ignition or the manual ignition?  Is the electronic ignition reliable?  Would you consider

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Unsure what type of burner to purchase.

Inquiry: Can you tell me what is the difference between the «EasyFlamer EF13CSP50WG» and the «EF13SP50WG» models? The specs on this page are the same: Outdoorstirfry:  EF13CSP50WG is capable of being powered by a 1lb propane bottle besides from a 20lbs propane tank.

Will you have any more of these in the future?

Inquiry: Will you have any more of these in the future – PF13L160? Outdoorstirfry: PF13x160 and PF13x160EI series products new version will be available in June of 2019.   In the mean time we have a few refurbished PF13L160 available for

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Is this item (EF13SQN50WG) able to hold a 24 qt or bigger stock pot?

Inquiry: Is this item (EF13SQN50WG) able to hold a 24 qt or bigger stock pot? Outdoorstirfry: We did an experiment with >50lbs (>24qt of water) weight on top of EF13SQN50WG. It holds up very well. Also please note that this

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Shipping to Canada

Inquiry: Hi there – Looking at your natural gas single outdoor burner for backyard maple syrup production. Do you ship to Canada?  What’s the timing?  Thanks. Outdoorstirfry: Yes we ship to Canada.   It takes 5~10 business days to deliver. My street has quite

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How much for shipping to Puerto Rico?

Inquiry: How much for shipping to Puerto Rico? Outdoorstirfry: It would be US$xx. Inquiry: How long would it take to get here? Outdoorstirfry: Should be within 6~10 business days. Inquiry: Whats the diff between PF13S160 and PF13CS160? Outdoorstirfry: PF13S160 only

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Are the legs detachable?

Inquiry: Are the legs detachable? I might put it on a table sometimes, use the legs other times. Can this handle a large stock pot? Think clambake/lobster boil. Outdoorstirfry: Yes the long legs are detachable. After detach, it is our

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size of outer rim for PF13L160

Inquiry: Hello there. Can you please measure and let me know what size is this wok burner (PF13L160) on outside of the rim where wok itself sits. Like the top of the wok where it would sit on the burner

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