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What is the size of PF13L160. And weight?

Inquiry:   What is the size of this. And weight? Outdoorstirfry:  PF13L160 size is 30” height, 24” length and 13” width, weight is ~23 lbs..

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is 36cm good for PF13L160

Inquiry:  I see you include standard hookup for US 20lb propane tank. Does this hookup include the regulator? Will this unit cradle a 36cm round bottom wok?  What is the smallest wok I can use with this unit? Outdoorstirfry: The

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natural gas stove for my outdoor kitchen

Inquiry:    Hi- I am building an outdoor kitchen and recently came across your product after a significant amount of research. I am looking for a natural gas wok burner and can’t find anything that gets in the BTU range

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Product customization request

Inquiry:  I have a Natural gas outlet on my patio. My grill does NOT have a burner. I am looking for a Natural Gas burner that I can simply attach to my outdoor NG outlet. Will this work? Is this

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Only difference between PF13LQN120 & PF13LFN160 is gas connect method?

Inquiry:  Hi there,  Is the only difference between the PF13LQN120 & PF13LFN160 the gas connect method; quick connect vs. direct?   If so, is everything else identical between on two models (the burner, size, height, etc)?   I don’t understand how

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PF13S160 Height

Inquiry:  If I remove the legs to place on a table what is the height of just the burner unit? Outdoorstirfry:   It is about 7~8″.

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How to choose a natural gas stove?

Inquiry:  Hello,  could you please help me select a natural gas stove. it’s for patio use, I have a natural gas line on patio.   thanks. Outdoorstirfry:  A few questions: 1.  Do you have a patio cooking island to build in

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How long will the gas burner (PF13L160) last using the 1lb. propane bottle?

Inquiry:  Quick question, for the models that can handle both the 20lb propane tank and the 1lb. portables propane bottle. How long will the gas burner last using the 1lb. propane bottle? Outdoorstirfry:  Our experience is that a bottle is

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Whether this model would stand up to all day use in a commercial setting?

Inquiry:  Hello, I am interested in purchasing one or more of your products and I am trying to learn little bit more details about them. Specifically the model EF05CSP10TRI and/or the PF13CS160EI. With the modelEF05CSP10TRI my main question is whether

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Do I need wok ring with this burner for 14 inch round bottom wok?

Inquiry (PF13L160):  do I need wok ring with this burner for 14 inch round bottom wok? Outdoostirfry: No.  The stove comes with a wok adaptor adjustable to the cook’s favorite position for woking.   

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