Month: November 2012

Can EF series stoves achieve Wok-Hei?

(D. Luong, PF9S70) I bought a power flamer PF9S70 for my parents a couple of years ago and they are happy with the power. Since I’m getting the EF11SQN50 for myself because of the size and natural gas, I’m concern whether

Replacement part for the ignition knob

(R. Seaby, PF13CL160EI, MD): My burner arrived and is working perfectly!  Made Kung Pao Chicken for dinner, YUMM!  FYI, The silly plastic knob arrived cracked.  Are they available as a replacement part?  Perhaps they should be shipped separately instead of installed

How to enter contact us information?

We have implemented picture verification to prevent machine auto filling into our “contact us” form.  Please read the instruction beside the pictures carefully.  Then clicked on the correct picture before clicking on “send” button.