Month: April 2013

please tell me how to care for my cast iron ware. i washed my grandma’s fry pan in the dish washer and it came out rusty.

Here is a typical way to maintain an iron ware if it does not have a non-stick layer.  For caring a non-stick iron ware, you can go to Product_FryingPan.  During storage, iron ware should not have any water.  Ideally it

What is the life expectancy for the red-cap high pressure regulator?

If the stove is heavily used, such as to cook a couple dishes every day, its life expectancy is about 10 years.

How safe is to own a propane tank or bottle?

Main concerns: He read the propane (camping) bottle about how to store it.  The label on the bottle says: store in a cool place under 120 degrees (F).  He said that he put the bottle in his garage, but his

How safe is to operate the stove?

We always recommend caution when operating with propane gas.  Especially when it is new to you, always give yourself extra time to become familiar with the setup before operation.  If you are comfortable in using a grill, you should not

Where can I find a propane tank and a lighter?

Most gas stations sell the tank and gas together.  Alternatively, hardware stores sell empty tanks and some of them sell propane gas filling too.  A lighter (same as grill lighter) can be picked up at any hardware store or hardware

The stove is not convenient at all.

Feedback:  He said: First of all, you have to use it in the backyard, so you have to get all your ingredients there.  Then you can’t put things on the grass, so you’ll have to set up a table.  Then,

Cooking in the backyard attracts flies.

Feedback: He said that a lot of flies came to his cooked food.  Getting the cooked dish inside right after is not convenient. Answer: We have plastic boxes which have tight covers.  Once a dish is cooked, we put it

Cooking in the backyard attracts neighbors.

Feedback: He said that after he started cooking, his neighbor poked his head over the fence to see what’s going on.  He said his neighbor is a Chinese.  What if you have an American neighbor? Answer:  We would view this

The stove itself attracts insects.

Feedback:  Why?  Because it’s easy to spill something on the side of the stove.  Then when you move the stove inside to the garage, the spill attracts insects and ants.  Answer:  We would not deny this possibility.  However, we would

The On-Off switch is confusing.

Answer: We agree that components from high pressure propane industry need to be improved.  They are confusing to use.  At the mean time, if we give ourselves some time to get familiar with the switch, it might help.