Month: September 2013

I have been enjoying using your stove for three years now.

John G. (PF13CL130 and PF13CS160): I appreciate your speedy service.  I have been enjoying using your PF13CL130 stove for three years now, and will be passing it along to my son for many more years of tasty and healthy meals.

I am considering to buy the EasyFlamer EF11LN50WG: High Power Long Leg Natural Gas Stove with Wind Guard. Can you please tell me what’s this feature of “Quick Disconnected”?

Quick dis-connector serves a couple functions: 1.  You can swap different equipment to use the same natural gas pipe.   Not only you may have an outdoor stir frying stove, you might have a grill. 2.  Once you are done with

can I use the most powerful stove and still be able to adjust the flame, and is the adjustment continuous?

Jon F. :  Hi,   I have been interested in your product for some time now, but am a little confused about the differences between stoves. I am a serious cook and cook a lot of Chinese food. Stir frying is

The stove works great! Lots of heat.

Mark M. NY (EF13SQN50WG):  The stove works great!  Lots of heat. Thanks.