Month: April 2014

what size of wok ships with the PF13L160?

Question:  Hi there, I am thinking of ordering a burner and a wok for a friend’s wedding present. The burner looks exactly like what I’ve been trying to find. We are in Canada and the shipping is quite pricy at about $85. If I

does the stove always have to be at full heat?

Question: I’m looking to buy a burner for an outdoor kitchen I am building. I like the high heat option but are you able to lower the heat on the 100k+ burner or does it always have to be at full

should I just not use any oil?

Question:  I have a small outdoor propane burner and I can get my cast iron wok up to about 950 degrees and the oil ignites (I use a very little) so my question is, with your burner should I just

Which oil to use for such high heat?

Question: What oil should be used for such high heat cooking? Rice bran? Palm? Coconut? Other? I do not want to use a canola/corn/peanut/vegetable/etc oil, what is the traditional oil for high heat wok cooking? Answer: First of all, any oil,

Why would one need a PF 13L 160 but output over say a PF13L 70?

Questions:  I want to purchase a propane stove and wok combination but have several questions. Why would one need a PF 13L 160 but output over say a PF13L 70? I like the heft and sturdiness however, is this overkill