Month: April 2015

Can a stove be upgraded to a configurable stove?

Inquiry: I am about to purchase a PF13L160. If I ever feel a need in the future to use it with a disposable propane tank, can I purchase a fitting later on to connect the stove to a disposable tank.

Stove has arrived and works fine

Customer: Thank you. I am very excited to get my stove and start to learn to stir fry. I chose your stove over others because of its design, power, and apparent quality. Looking forward to it. Outdoorstirfry: Thx for choosing

Stove not getting any gas

Customer:   After using these for a few months, they refuse to light.  It seems like the valve stop working.  Can you please provide any advice? Outdoorstirfry:  Can you use a manual BBQ ignitor to light up the stove?   The