Month: March 2016

wok burner stand

Inquiry: Can you just sell me the stand ? The one with long legs. Outdoorstirfry: Which stand do you desire for which stove?   If you can provide picture of your stove which you want to fit into our stand, it

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Sudden Yellow Flame

Customer: Hi,  My stove suddenly the flames become yellow instead of blue fire. Issit because of the regulator?  Can’t seem to use the stove now. The fire is yellowish. Outdoorstirfry: Can you help us by telling what changes before and

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Regulator Hissing Sound

Customer: I have your PowerFlamer for many years. Very good product. Recently, I had to change the regulator and you sent me a red regulator (I use to have a blue flat regulator). I notice that the new regulator has

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PF13L160 Questions

Inquiry: Have looked at Thunder, Manniu, Greg Wong’s wonder wok, CPG wok range. Leaning towards the PF13L160 or PF13S160. Most likely will use table. If I order the 13S can I buy the legs at a later time? If I

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12″ & 18″ wok

Inquiry: Which of you LP burners will work with 12″ & 18″ wok. Not sure if a 9″ will work for both sizes. Thank you. Outdoorstirfry: For your 12″ wok, all stoves except PF13xx130 series can work.   Even PF13xx130EI, PF13xx160

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