Year: 2017

I am undecided between the PF13L160 and the PF13L130.

Inquiry: I am undecided between the PF13L160 and the PF13L130. Can flame be regulated in both? Which one is better for Chinese wok stir-frying? And which one is better for using with discadas like this one: Outdoorstirfry: In both cases,

Would it be okay to have propane running alongside the natural gas line?

Inquiry: Hello, I’m planning on getting one of your burners for my husband for Christmas. This will be used in our outdoor kitchen. We currently have a natural gas line for our grill, so I was planning on getting a

EF13SQN50WG – Will this be high enough for frying a turkey (crab boil type pot)?

Customer (EF13SQN50WG stove):  Will this be high enough for frying a turkey (crab boil type pot)? Outdoorstirfry: I believe deep frying stove is of about 55kBTU/Hr and uses propane stove.   The stove you ordered is of natural gas type which is

I know these are a lot of questions, but it’s a big purchase and I like to be informed.

Inquiry: Hi, I’m very interested in purchasing your 13 inch manual ignition PF13xx130 wok burner and I had a few questions I hope you could help me out with. 1)Why does the flat bottom cookware adapter not work with the

Order for Puerto Rico

Customer: Hi – I just ordered one of your stoves via amazon. This order is for my sister in Puerto Rico who has no power but has access to natural gas. Once I get the package here I will be

EF13LQN50WG – what size pan can this support?

Inquiry:  For EF13LQN50WG stove, what size pan can this support? Outdoorstirfry:  The stove wok support is 13″.  It can support 14″ and up wok size.  The burner area also has three standoffs.  These standoffs can support flat bottom pan up to

Is model EF13LQN50WG highest BTU/Hr natural gas unit?

Inquiry: model EF13LQN50WG on amazon: is this the highest BTU natural gas unit you offer? if not what is? is there a rack which fits the unit so smaller pots can be used? Outdoorstirfry: Yes this is the highest power

If i order a PF13L160EI, can it be configured with metal hose?

Customer: I have been a long time user of your stove. I am about to order a new one to replace the one i have been using for 10 years. How come the picture in the Home page uses a

what kind of fire resistant gloves you would recommend?

Customer: We will be using your burners to cook outside and I was wondering what kind of fire resistant gloves you would recommend. I have looked at silicone, neoprene, and welding gloves. I’m not sure which would be the best

New generation PF13xx160 stoves arrive.

We welcome our new generation of our manual high power 13″ propane stove family PF13xx160. The new generation incorporates following improvements: 1. ACME type 1 QCC connector becomes available and standard for north america market. We can substitute this connector