Month: September 2017

EF13LQN50WG – what size pan can this support?

Inquiry:  For EF13LQN50WG stove, what size pan can this support? Outdoorstirfry:  The stove wok support is 13″.  It can support 14″ and up wok size.  The burner area also has three standoffs.  These standoffs can support flat bottom pan up to

Is model EF13LQN50WG highest BTU/Hr natural gas unit?

Inquiry: model EF13LQN50WG on amazon: is this the highest BTU natural gas unit you offer? if not what is? is there a rack which fits the unit so smaller pots can be used? Outdoorstirfry: Yes this is the highest power

If i order a PF13L160EI, can it be configured with metal hose?

Customer: I have been a long time user of your stove. I am about to order a new one to replace the one i have been using for 10 years. How come the picture in the Home page uses a

what kind of fire resistant gloves you would recommend?

Customer: We will be using your burners to cook outside and I was wondering what kind of fire resistant gloves you would recommend. I have looked at silicone, neoprene, and welding gloves. I’m not sure which would be the best