Month: April 2018


Inquiry: The item above is listed at 209. vs the PF13L160EI which I see no different at all but the price, second, can I order one with black in color as you stated in your website. Outdoorstirfry: PF13CL160EI has an adapter that

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Electronic Ignition Function in our 1 Burner Low Pressure Stove

This applies to our low pressure EasyFlamer 1 burner stoves, both propane and natural gas.   Behind the front power adjusting knob and under the burner pipe and front cover there is an electronic ignition valve assembly.  The electronic ignition function

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High altitude

Inquiry: How well will these high pressure propane burners work at high altitudes? I live at 5900ft. Outdoorstirfry: This is an interesting question.   Have you felt any difference in using gas stove at 5900ft as compared with other low elevation

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Preventing Burner From Tipping

Customer (PF13S160): I purchased the PF13S160 short leg version. I am building it into an outdoor kitchen. The unit seems prone to tip forward if any downward pressure is put on the end of the arm where the valves are.

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Outdoor Kitchen Building Questions

Inquiry: Hello, I stumbled across your website from a chowhound discussion forum….otherwise you never came up in my google searches. I am looking to build an outdoor wok/frying station for my outdoor kitchen which is a single long countertop. My plan is

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Questions Comparing PF13L160 and PF13L160EI

Inquiry: Hello, I am deciding to get the 13″ PF13L160 (manual) or the PF13L160EI (electronic ignition). I have some questions about the two. 1.) The “manual” version is a new generation with improvements in hose, regulator, spider guard and burner plate. I like