Month: June 2018

Thank you very much for shipping this so quickly!

Customer (PF13CL160): Thank you very much for shipping this so quickly! I really look forward to trying out this Wok burner. It was by far and away the best option that I found online. This was especially true for the

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Very excited to receive it

Customer (PF9L130): Thank you! Very excited to receive it. I think it’s a fantastic product and I’ve been looking for an outdoor wok stove for a while. Your story of how your idea came to light completely resonated with me.

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Hi or Low? Shipping to UK?

Inquiry: Hello guys,  I’ve been looking through your great web site as I’m looking for a single wok burner as they are few and far between here in the UK.   Ideally I would like like a burner that might connect to 13kg propane tank

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What type of wok do you recommend for use with it?

Customer (PF13L160): I did receive the powerflamer, and I am in the process of getting my set up ready. What type of wok do you recommend for use with it? Do you suggest flat bottom or round?  Thanks. Ooutdoorstirfry: Either

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Wok burner question

Inquiry: What is the difference between the PF13S130EI stove and the PF13CS130EI stove? What size woks will work on these 13″ burners?  Thanks! Outdoorstirfry: PF13S130EI stove will only work with a 20lbs propane tank.   PF13CS130EI stove not only can work with

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Question on seasoning the wok

Customer: I seasoned my wok and as a final step I cooked an onion in my wok to remove any metallic taste. When I did this brown splotchy grease stains were created all around the top of the wok. They are slightly raised

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where to install the propane tank – PF13S160EI Outdoor kitchen installation?

Inquiry: Hello, I am wanting to install this into my outdoor kitchen. The counter top is made of concrete, I was just thinking of putting a hole through the countertop and installing a propane tank in the cabinet below the wok. Will that

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Is the nozzle (where the flame exits) brass? Similar to this?

Inquiry: Is the nozzle (where the flame exits) of PF13L160 brass? Similar to this: Outdoorstirfry: The main burner is of cast iron.  The pilot is of brass.   Based upon our experience, brass nozzle for the main burner will experience deformation

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About SSL and HTTPS vs where should search engines rank knowledge for human kind

2018/6/17 – We use to set appropriate contents coming to our home.   There was one time out of curiosity we search if any category people would want to categorize to.   This link gives the outcome as of

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Delivery cost

Inquiry: I am going to admit that it is difficult to find high power burners in the UK and I really like yours. I have few questions though as a complete newbie… I understand that you can fire the electronic ignition burner

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