Month: September 2018

Hello how tall is this with legs extended?

Inquiry: Hello how tall is this with legs extended? Can I use the same propane take that I use on my grill? How many BTU?  Thank you. Outdoorstirfry: Height PF13L160 is 30”. Yes this is made to use a 20lbs propane

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Additional Charge Notification For Parcel Monkey Shipment

Parcel Monkey (Shipper): Following information provided by our courier partner we have made an additional charge of $7.47 to your original payment method. Please find attached the invoice for the additional charge.  Details of the additional charges are shown on your

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How hot does the cast iron burner get?

Inquiry: I wish to purchase your PF13S160 model and have a question about how hot the actual cast iron burner gets. I have seen others online build their own carts and i wish to do the same thing with your PF13S160 model for

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Isn’t the PF13CL160 model compatible with a 20lb propane tank?

Customer (PF13CL160): I have been using the wok for a while now and I absolutely love it. It is just so powerful. I am very happy to have found your product and everyone I demonstrate the wok burner to is

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trying to choose between two stoves

Inquiry: I need a high powered outdoor fixed gas stove for my wife to stir fry. I think I want either the PowerFlamer PF13LFN160 or the EasyFlamer EF13LFN50WG, but the descriptions are incomplete. Can you tell me please: – What

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