Month: March 2019

Shipping to Canada

Inquiry: Hi there – Looking at your natural gas single outdoor burner for backyard maple syrup production. Do you ship to Canada?  What’s the timing?  Thanks. Outdoorstirfry: Yes we ship to Canada.   It takes 5~10 business days to deliver. My street has quite

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Customer (PF13L160): THANKS SO MUCH..I AM VERY VERY VERY HAPPY.. arrived today!!!!!!!!!! My dream is real now!!!! Now i can make all kind different foods with my Woks….in MY SUPER NICE WOK BURNER!!!☆☆☆☆☆  thanks again..for create this amazing product totality good

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OK to put the stove on table?

Customer (PF13L160): If I take the legs off and put the burner on top of an outdoor anodized aluminum table, should I have something between the table and the burner? Thanks. Outdoorstirfry: No.  You should be able to leave the

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Refurbished PowerFlamer Manual Ignition Stoves

We have a few refurbished PowerFlamer PF13L160 stoves where we repair some cracks on the wind guard piece.  The rest of the stove is brand new.   If you are interested, please visit this page.

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