Month: May 2019

(EF13SQN50WG) how low to the ground does the top of this sit?

Inquiry: (EF13SQN50WG) how low to the ground does the top of this sit?  I am looking for a NG burner that sits at counter height. Outoorstirfry: It is about 1 foot in height.

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Outdoor wok stove questions.

Inquiry: I’m interested in an outdoor wok stove, and I’m trying to decide which model to buy.  I have a few questions: Would you recommend the electronic ignition or the manual ignition?  Is the electronic ignition reliable?  Would you consider

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Refurnbished wind guard and pilot light.

Customer (Refurbished PF13L160): We used the stove for the first time yesterday and it was amazing! We have a lot to learn but the first dishes to come out of the wok were surprisingly good. We found an old wok

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Unsure what type of burner to purchase.

Inquiry: Can you tell me what is the difference between the «EasyFlamer EF13CSP50WG» and the «EF13SP50WG» models? The specs on this page are the same: Outdoorstirfry:  EF13CSP50WG is capable of being powered by a 1lb propane bottle besides from a 20lbs propane tank.