Month: September 2019

Shipping price adjustment

We have come to realize that paypal does not calculate correct shipping charge for small items in the wok and accessory page.  We have made the adjustment that each single small item shipping cost is $6 within 48 states of

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New Generation of PF13x160 stoves improves further!

Our new generation of PF13x160 stoves, which include PF13L160, PF13S160, PF13CL160 and PF13CS160, has improvements on various areas: The long leg stoves are much more sturdier by our new leg design to accommodate the long leg adapter. The burner pipe

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How tall off the ground does this thing stand?

Inquiry (PF13L160):  How tall off the ground does this thing stand? Outdoorstirfry:  30″

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Customer feedback

Customer (PF13L160EI):  I have been using my PF13L160EI with a 20lb propane tank for the past two years. The unit is reliable and I love cooking with it: the high pressure opens up new cooking textures and flavors. Your website

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amazon model?

Inquiry:  Which model of your wok burner is on Amazon? Does the amazon one have electronic ignition? Also, can a large wok pan (18 or 22 inch) be used with this burner?  thank you! Outdoorstirfry:  We have PF13L160 and PF13L160EI

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Not stable during tossing

Customer (PF13L160):  Thanks for the guide. I noticed that the legs are stable enough for normal cooking but wobbles when rapidly tossing food. I’m thinking that it can be much more stable if the legs are bolted to a metal

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