Month: October 2019

Shipment Pause Period 10/26/2019 to 11/4/2019

We will not be able to ship between 10/26 to 11/4 of 2019, due to resource limitation.   If you want us to ship before 10/26, please place the order before 10/24.  Otherwise we will ship after 11/4.    Sorry for

About quick connector (Natural Gas Stoves)

Inquiry:  I see your description with included hose saying 5″ and I am pretty sure you meant 5′. I have a quick connect for my bbq grill and assuming this easily connects the same? Do you know the btu rating?

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Choosing between electronic and manual ignition

Inquiry:  I’m excited to purchase one of your wok burners. I’ve done a lot of research and settled on your company. I was hoping you could help clarify about the electronic ignition. In some of your reader questions and FAQs

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