Month: November 2019

natural gas stove

Inquiry:      Hi- I am building an outdoor kitchen and recently came across your product after a significant amount of research. I am looking for a natural gas wok burner and can’t find anything that gets in the BTU range 0-160

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Inquiry:      Is this made in china or Taiwan? Outdoorstirfry:  We get parts from various vendors, some from China some from USA.   Then we make our final products here in USA. If we don’t answer your question, please ask further,

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Gas smell with PF13L160

Customer (PF13L160):  I have been noticing that there is a gas smell with my PF13L160 when I’m cooking for a longer time, around 10 minutes. However I don’t notice it if I’m cooking within 2-3 minutes. I’m a little concerned,

Can these be used to fry turkeys?

Inquiry: hi I was wondering if the if these can be used to fry turkeys? I am confused  with the short ones, they are 3 ft tall? what is a good # to call? How many jet do the burners

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wok hei chemistry

Inquiry:   Hi, I just read your site saying “The flavor is complex, and it is caused by a mixture of sooty compounds from the combustion of oil, caramelization of oxidized sugars, and Maillard reactions” — can you refer me to

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