Month: March 2020

Wind guard

Customer (EF13LQN50WG):  I just ordered an EasyFlamer EF13LQN50WG ten minutes ago from your website. I am wondering if it is possible I can have one with wind guard in regular steel in black instead of in galvanized steel with no

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Product customization request

Inquiry:  I have a Natural gas outlet on my patio. My grill does NOT have a burner. I am looking for a Natural Gas burner that I can simply attach to my outdoor NG outlet. Will this work? Is this

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Only difference between PF13LQN120 & PF13LFN160 is gas connect method?

Inquiry:  Hi there,  Is the only difference between the PF13LQN120 & PF13LFN160 the gas connect method; quick connect vs. direct?   If so, is everything else identical between on two models (the burner, size, height, etc)?   I don’t understand how

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Strategy Against Coronavirus

Customer (PF13LQN120):  Due to the Coronavirus,  I am cooking at home with a restaurant like high power stove. Outdoorstirfry:   I think you are making a good choice to stay more at home.  Bests.

Wok burner (PF13L160) Not Hot Enough

Customer:  I noticed my burner is not turning up so high.  I have it on full blast and I can only get a medium flame.  I did leave it out overnight and there might be some rust accumulating, maybe the

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