Month: May 2020

Is it Okay to connect home gas line in backyard ?

Inquiry:  Is it Okay to connect home gas line in backyard ? Outdoorstirfry:  Sure. IF you don’t have a natural gas pipe line in your backyard, you can hire a licensed plumber to install one. Then you can connect outdoor

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replacement hose

Customer (PF13L160EI):  Hi,  I have PF13L160EI. Mine came a few years ago with red hose, which is now weathered in the sun. I would like to buy a replacement hose. Outdoorstirfry:  Can you send pictures of your both hose ends

Liquid Propane vs Propane Gas

Inquiry:  Hi.  I see that you list the item for propane gas. Where I live, we have LP gas, which I understand to be a mix of propane and others.  Will this burner work with LP gas as well?   Please

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natural gas stove questions

Inquiry:  I am looking for a table top burner to connect on a residential natural gas line. Do i need a qualified Gas technician to install in Florida? I am pretty sure i can do it myself though. Is this

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Questions on PF13L160EI

Inquiry:  Hello, I’m looking to purchase, but have a few questions.     1) The PF13L160EI, is there any other difference between this and the manual ignition, besides the ignition? Has the electronic ignition gotten better? I read some of ur

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