Month: June 2020

Long Leg Stabilizer Adaptor

We have introduced long leg stabilizer adaptor.   When mounted at bottom of our long leg stoves, customers can place easily found heavy object such as propane tank, concrete block or bricks on top of the adaptor(s) to stabilize the entire

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What size round bottom wok does this hold?

Inquiry:   What size round bottom wok does a PF13L160 hold? Outdoorstirfry:  It can hold any size from 13” and up with optimum in 14”~16”. 

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Still around?

Customer (PF13L130):  I wanted to buy a PF13L160 and wanted to make sure they were still available and you are still shipping during Covid. Also I was wondering if you had a recommendation of large wok size.  I’ve been cooking

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