natural gas stove


    Hi- I am building an outdoor kitchen and recently came across your product after a significant amount of research. I am looking for a natural gas wok burner and can’t find anything that gets in the BTU range 0-160 that yours does. Is this correct? do I need to discuss anything with the plumber when he is setting up the gas line to make sure I get enough BTUs to the stove?


Our natural gas stove products use regular residential natural line.  If you make purchase, we will provide installation guide and support to achieve the power of the product.   Your plumber, if a good one, should not do practice like reducing down the line size from the utility entry point. 

We are not aware of other products.  If you know any similar to our product, please forward the link to us.  We will comment. 

We are sorry that you have to do a significant research in order to find our site.  Internet search engines, in these days,  are not able to make good and creditable information readily available at consumers’ finger tips.  Let us know any further question.


Thanks for the response. I just want to verify that I will get enough BTUS out of this with natural gas.  We can do that correct?


Yes our product will give rated power with residential natural gas line. 

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