Selection Factors

How to select an stove

We have designed our high-powered products to serve customers’ different needs. How do you select the right stove for you? Consider the following factors.

Fuel source. If you intend to connect the stove to a propane fuel tank (such as the 20lb tank typically used with grills), then consider our PowerFlamer series. If you want to use the portable propane bottle as the fuel source (for camping, for example), consider our PF9CS, PF9CL, etc. If you want to use natural gas, EasyFlamer series would be your choice.

Leg length. For our PowerFlamer series, we have long legs and short legs. Long legs give you a more comfortable working level; short legs give you better portability (such as for camping). Also, we designed our products so that the short legs are “standard”, and the long legs are extension tubes on the short legs; if you buy a long-legged stove, you can attach and detach the long-leg extension tubes. This gives you much greater versatility.

Weight. Our products are generally light-weight – range from 8 lbs to 31 lbs, lighter than a typical propane powered BBQ grill or kitchen stove. For camping, you might consider a lighter-weight stove; for home backyard or patio use, you might be willing to consider a heavier stove for its extra stability.

Stove ring diameter. Another factor to consider is the stove ring diameter, which is the diameter of the cylindrical wind guard. If your cooking utensil (wok, grill, or frying pan) is small, you can consider our 9” products; otherwise, choose a 13”.   If you usually cook for 2~4 people, 9″ stove is sufficient.  If you need to accommodate more people regularly, 13″ stove is better.

Typical use. You should also evaluate your typical use of the stove. Do you use it mostly at home? Do you want to take it with you for your camping trips?  BBQ parties at your neighborhood park? Is there a table which you can sit the stove on?

Power. PowerFlamer stove utilizes high pressure propane gas.  It can reach roughly 137KBTU/hr.  EasyFlamer stove uses low pressure gas.  Our test indicates that it’s about 23kBTU/Hr.  For each diameter (9″, 13″), PowerFlamer stoves now have many power ratings.  The 130~160kBTU rating has the most power and will enable you to cook your dish at your wish at high power end; its low power end is limited to 3kBTU/Hr.  If you have to cook some dishes at slower pace (i.e, simmer), the 130kBTU/Hr stove may not be right for you.  Both 70kBTU/Hr and 50kBTU/Hr stoves can achieve very good low heat cooking although they are not as powerful as the 130kBTU/Hr stove.  The 70kBTU/Hr stove is more powerful at high power end than the 50kBTU/Hr one while the 50kBTU/Hr stove offers thermal protection to the propane tank.  For normal 2-3 person family cooking, 50kBTU/Hr or 70kBTU/Hr stoves are powerful enough.

Ease of Use. Regular PowerFlamer stove requires a long nose igniter (such as the one use for BBQ) to start the burner.  PowerFlamer electronic version and EasyFlamer have their own electronic ignition.  In terms of protection from wind (outdoor), PowerFlamer is built with a wind guard.  EasyFlamer is more susceptible to strong wind.

As always, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We welcome your ideas for us to improve our product design, so that we will come up with better products in the future. Email us with your suggestions or ideas – it might also be possible that we custom-make a stove just for you!