9″ High Pressure Propane Stoves

PowerFlamer PF9 Outdoor Propane Stoves

The stove in this product family is constructed to achieve best heating by concentrating flames toward the bottom of a wok. It uses high pressure propane gas to achieve high heat and power. High and adjustable power (heat) cooking is the key to retaining freshness (restaurant quality) of your food.

ID codes:

  • Models with a ‘C’ in their ID codes are configurable;

  • Models with a ‘L’ in the ID codes have long legs, those with an ‘S’ have short legs;

General notes:

  • The stove comes with a high pressure regulator, hose, and a connector. If the stove is configurable, it can be configured to connect to a propane tank or bottle. If the stove is not configurable, it is ready to connect to a propane tank.

  • The short-legged stove can be used on a table at home backyard. The long-legged stove can be used as a ground stove, or on a table after detaching the long legs.


  • Wind guard ring diameter: 9″;

  • Hose length: 4.5′;

  • Height: (long leg) 33″, (short leg) 13″;

  • Leg base diameter: (long leg) 26″, (short leg) 13″;

  • Connector has propane tank thermal and gas flow protections;

  • Wok, lid, lighter, propane tank and bottle are not included.

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ID Image Power Range; Weight Price (plus shipping)
PF9L130 PF9L130 3kBTU/Hr to 130 kBTU/Hr; 11 lbs $89.98

PF9S130 PF9S130 3kBTU/Hr to 130 kBTU/Hr; 10 lbs $69.98

PF9CL130 PF9CL130 3kBTU/Hr to 130 kBTU/Hr; 11 lbs $109.98

PF9CS130 PF9CS130 3kBTU/Hr to 130 kBTU/Hr; 10 lbs $89.98

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