Seafood Table

Seafood Table – frequently used seafood used in stir frying in alphabetical order

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Name Image Description
Abalone 鲍鱼

Abalone are small to very large-sized edible sea ear-shell.

small salt-water forage fishliving in group.

Black Bass

California Bass

Sea Bass

Striped Bass

Belt Fish 带鱼


Grass Carp 草鱼


Golden line Brean Cod 鳕鱼

Ling Cod 凌鳕鱼

Rock Cod

Yellowtail Rock Cod
Cherrystone (littleneck) Clams 蛤蜊

Manila Clams

Blue Crab 蓝蟹

Box Crab

Dungeness Crab

King Crab

Snow Crab

Yellow Croaker 黄花鱼

Eel 鳗鱼


Golden Thread Fish 金线鱼 a fish popular and eaten mostly in Asian countries.
Maine Lobster 龙虾

Rock Lobster 龙虾

American Mackerel 鲭鱼

King Mackerel

Mandarin Fish The mandarin fish or Chinese perch is a freshwater fish that lives in China. Its back is yellow, green or brown with many irregular black spots and patches. It has a big mouth and small round scales.
Milk Fish 虱目鱼


Mullet Fish 鲻鱼

Black Mussel 黑贻贝

Green Mussel 绿贻贝

Namako (Sea Cucumber)


Oyster in Jar
Perch 河鲈


Pompano 卵鲹

Sea Cucumber

Spot Prawns (Shrimps)

Striped Prawn (Shrimp)

White Promfret Fish of this family are characterized by their flat body, forked tail fin and long pectoral fins.
Rex Sole Fish

a flatfish
Salmon 三文鱼

Seaweed 海草

Scallop 扇贝

Scorpion Fish 蝎子鱼

Smelt Fish


Pacific Snapper

Petrale Sole

Squid 乌贼

Tilapia Fish

Tilapia (teh-LAH-pee-uh), sometimes referred to as St. Peter’s fish or Hawaiian sunfish, is a farm-raised white fish with a delicate texture and sweet flavor.
Rainbow Trout 虹鳟鱼

Tuna 鲔鱼


Yellow Fish

Yelloweye Fish