How to Set up Your EasyFlamer Stir Fry Stove (Propane Gas)

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The EasyFlamer stir fry stove enables higher power propane gas cooking in your home backyard.  Setting up the EasyFlamer stir fry stove is quick and easy. However, EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION and apply common sense — you are dealing with GAS and FIRE here. Treat your EasyFlamer stir fry stove the same way as you would your gas-powered cook-top stoves, in addition to following instructions because of its higher power capacity.


Unpack your stove.  The stove should come as an integral piece with a two ring burner, burner and wok support, electronic ignition, an orange gas rubber hose already connected to the stove.  On the other end of the hose is a low pressure propane gas regulator ready to be connected to a (20lbs) propane tank.

2. (Needed for long leg version) If you purchase a long leg version, it should also come with the long legs and their adaptors.  Slide the adaptors to both long legs and the short legs which are already attached to the body of the stove.  Tighten the screws.


(Needed for long leg version) The assembled long leg EasyFlamer stove should look like the one on the right.



Screw in tightly low pressure regulator to the propane tank.


Turn on the propane gas supply from the tank.  There is no need to adjust the low pressure regulator.


With all connections (including to your original gas cooktop) leak proof, start testing the EasyFlamer stove by pressing the front knob and turning to your left, you should hear gas hissing sound,  a clicking sound followed by gas flamer to the stove rings.  You can adjust the knob back toward its center (top) position for different power.

 Caution!  Since the ignition flamer travels underneath the stove to the burner rings, there should not be any flammable materials close to or under the stove.  It is recommended to maintain at least one foot (1’) clearance to the stove.


When EasyFlamer stove is used the first time, you might need to ignite a few times to expel air out of the hose.

 If you purchase a flat bottom cookware adaptor, try out a couple positions with respect to the stove to find a good fit.


To turn off the stove after use, turn the front knob (clockwise) to its top position. The flamer on the burner rings should die out.



If you ever smell natural gas during use, shut down the stove by turning the front knob to its top position.  Start checking gas leaks.  Fix before use.

Surface under the stove should resist high temperature (metal surface is recommended).