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Electronic ignition head can’t strike a flame.

Outdoorstirfry (EF13SQN50WG):    An EasyFlamer EF13SQN50WG stove has been deposited with www.xxx???.com.  It takes 2~3 business days to reach your address.   The tracking number is ????. Attached in this email is the user installation guide.   When we test the stove

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Wind guard

Customer (EF13LQN50WG):  I just ordered an EasyFlamer EF13LQN50WG ten minutes ago from your website. I am wondering if it is possible I can have one with wind guard in regular steel in black instead of in galvanized steel with no

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Electronic Ignition Function in our 1 Burner Low Pressure Stove

This applies to our low pressure EasyFlamer 1 burner stoves, both propane and natural gas.   Behind the front power adjusting knob and under the burner pipe and front cover there is an electronic ignition valve assembly.  The electronic ignition function

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