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Choosing between electronic and manual ignition

Inquiry:  I’m excited to purchase one of your wok burners. I’ve done a lot of research and settled on your company. I was hoping you could help clarify about the electronic ignition. In some of your reader questions and FAQs

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Outdoor wok stove questions.

Inquiry: I’m interested in an outdoor wok stove, and I’m trying to decide which model to buy.  I have a few questions: Would you recommend the electronic ignition or the manual ignition?  Is the electronic ignition reliable?  Would you consider

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why the Electronic Ignition is so much more expensive and does it worth it?

Inquiry: I’m interested to order your high pressure wok burner, I see you have 2 products in the list and the difference is basically Electronic Ignition or Manual Ignition (am I right?) while the price is different by $60. My

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can this burner PF13L160EI go on pilot? how does the electric ignition work?

Inquiry: can this burner PF13L160EI go on pilot? how does the electric ignition work? Outdoorstirfry: The left knob controlling electronic ignition can be turned counter clockwise. Along the way toward its 90 degrees, you will hear hissing sound of the gas

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Electronic Ignition Function in our 1 Burner Low Pressure Stove

This applies to our low pressure EasyFlamer 1 burner stoves, both propane and natural gas.   Behind the front power adjusting knob and under the burner pipe and front cover there is an electronic ignition valve assembly.  The electronic ignition function

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