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where to install the propane tank – PF13S160EI Outdoor kitchen installation?

Inquiry: Hello, I am wanting to install this into my outdoor kitchen. The counter top is made of concrete, I was just thinking of putting a hole through the countertop and installing a propane tank in the cabinet below the wok. Will that

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Newbie to wok cooking

Inquiry: Hi, I came across your website from a blog. I would like to start cooking on a wok for stir fry and other dishes. I have recently been to Thailand and am in love with the food. We are

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Preventing Burner From Tipping

Customer (PF13S160): I purchased the PF13S160 short leg version. I am building it into an outdoor kitchen. The unit seems prone to tip forward if any downward pressure is put on the end of the arm where the valves are.

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