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Our 13″ High Pressure Manual and Electronic Ignition Stoves are available now.

Our inventory arrives for our next generation PF13xx160 and PF13xx160EI stove series as of today 2019-6-2.    The new generation stoves have improved upon its sturdiness and user friendliness.   

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Refurnbished wind guard and pilot light.

Customer (Refurbished PF13L160): We used the stove for the first time yesterday and it was amazing! We have a lot to learn but the first dishes to come out of the wok were surprisingly good. We found an old wok

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Will you have any more of these in the future?

Inquiry: Will you have any more of these in the future – PF13L160? Outdoorstirfry: PF13x160 and PF13x160EI series products new version will be available in June of 2019.   In the mean time we have a few refurbished PF13L160 available for

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Customer (PF13L160): THANKS SO MUCH..I AM VERY VERY VERY HAPPY.. arrived today!!!!!!!!!! My dream is real now!!!! Now i can make all kind different foods with my Woks….in MY SUPER NICE WOK BURNER!!!☆☆☆☆☆  thanks again..for create this amazing product totality good

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PF13L160, is this only meant for a wok?

Inquiry: PF13L160, is this only meant for a wok? Outdoorstirfry: It is built optimally for wok cooking. It can cook flat bottom pan/pot as well as the flame should be able to reach.

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Is PF13L160 shipped exactly like the picture on the web site?

Inquiry: if I order the PF13L160 today, will it be identical to the picture of PF13L160 on your website? If not, can you send me a picture of the EXACT unit I will receive ? Thanks. Outdoorstirfry: For PF13L160, it will be

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Additional Charge Notification For Parcel Monkey Shipment

Parcel Monkey (Shipper): Following information provided by our courier partner we have made an additional charge of $7.47 to your original payment method. Please find attached the invoice for the additional charge.  Details of the additional charges are shown on your

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High altitude

Inquiry: How well will these high pressure propane burners work at high altitudes? I live at 5900ft. Outdoorstirfry: This is an interesting question.   Have you felt any difference in using gas stove at 5900ft as compared with other low elevation

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