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Excited about wok burner!

Customer (PF13L160):  Tested in the dark. Looks pretty past midnight.

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What size round bottom wok does this hold?

Inquiry:   What size round bottom wok does a PF13L160 hold? Outdoorstirfry:  It can hold any size from 13” and up with optimum in 14”~16”. 

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Still around?

Customer (PF13L130):  I wanted to buy a PF13L160 and wanted to make sure they were still available and you are still shipping during Covid. Also I was wondering if you had a recommendation of large wok size.  I’ve been cooking

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What is the size of PF13L160. And weight?

Inquiry:   What is the size of this. And weight? Outdoorstirfry:  PF13L160 size is 30” height, 24” length and 13” width, weight is ~23 lbs..

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is 36cm good for PF13L160

Inquiry:  I see you include standard hookup for US 20lb propane tank. Does this hookup include the regulator? Will this unit cradle a 36cm round bottom wok?  What is the smallest wok I can use with this unit? Outdoorstirfry: The

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Wok burner (PF13L160) Not Hot Enough

Customer:  I noticed my burner is not turning up so high.  I have it on full blast and I can only get a medium flame.  I did leave it out overnight and there might be some rust accumulating, maybe the

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Hose clamp

Customer (PF13L160EI + Carbon Steel Wok Set):  I open my wok package today.  I was disturbed to see the use of screw-down clamps instead of crimped connection for the propane gas line.  I don’t think this is safe.  Do you

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How tall off the ground does this thing stand?

Inquiry (PF13L160):  How tall off the ground does this thing stand? Outdoorstirfry:  30″

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amazon model?

Inquiry:  Which model of your wok burner is on Amazon? Does the amazon one have electronic ignition? Also, can a large wok pan (18 or 22 inch) be used with this burner?  thank you! Outdoorstirfry:  We have PF13L160 and PF13L160EI

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Not stable during tossing

Customer (PF13L160):  Thanks for the guide. I noticed that the legs are stable enough for normal cooking but wobbles when rapidly tossing food. I’m thinking that it can be much more stable if the legs are bolted to a metal

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