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Questions on PF13L160EI

Inquiry:  Hello, I’m looking to purchase, but have a few questions.     1) The PF13L160EI, is there any other difference between this and the manual ignition, besides the ignition? Has the electronic ignition gotten better? I read some of ur

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Hose clamp

Customer (PF13L160EI + Carbon Steel Wok Set):  I open my wok package today.  I was disturbed to see the use of screw-down clamps instead of crimped connection for the propane gas line.  I don’t think this is safe.  Do you

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Customer feedback

Customer (PF13L160EI):  I have been using my PF13L160EI with a 20lb propane tank for the past two years. The unit is reliable and I love cooking with it: the high pressure opens up new cooking textures and flavors. Your website

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amazon model?

Inquiry:  Which model of your wok burner is on Amazon? Does the amazon one have electronic ignition? Also, can a large wok pan (18 or 22 inch) be used with this burner?  thank you! Outdoorstirfry:  We have PF13L160 and PF13L160EI

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(PF13L160EI) Please can you tell me if the top part where the wok rest is attached to the burner or two pieces

Inquiry:  For PF13L160EI, Please can you tell me if the top part where the wok rest is attached to the burner or two pieces. Outdoorstirfry:   For both PF13x160EI and PF13x160 stoves, the top wok adapter is a separate piece sitting

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Our 13″ High Pressure Manual and Electronic Ignition Stoves are available now.

Our inventory arrives for our next generation PF13xx160 and PF13xx160EI stove series as of today 2019-6-2.    The new generation stoves have improved upon its sturdiness and user friendliness.   

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Inquiry: The item above is listed at 209. vs the PF13L160EI which I see no different at all but the price, second, can I order one with black in color as you stated in your website. Outdoorstirfry: PF13CL160EI has an adapter that

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