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New Generation of PF13x160 stoves improves further!

Our new generation of PF13x160 stoves, which include PF13L160, PF13S160, PF13CL160 and PF13CS160, has improvements on various areas: The long leg stoves are much more sturdier by our new leg design to accommodate the long leg adapter. The burner pipe

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Product customization request.

Inquiry:  Hello,Was checking your homepage and found the PF13S160 model which suits my needs the best.  Is this available on Amazon as well?  If i purchase i need to fly with it back home to europe. I commute frequently. Can’t

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How hot does the cast iron burner get?

Inquiry: I wish to purchase your PF13S160 model and have a question about how hot the actual cast iron burner gets. I have seen others online build their own carts and i wish to do the same thing with your PF13S160 model for

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