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Wind guard

Customer (EF13LQN50WG):  I just ordered an EasyFlamer EF13LQN50WG ten minutes ago from your website. I am wondering if it is possible I can have one with wind guard in regular steel in black instead of in galvanized steel with no

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Refurnbished wind guard and pilot light.

Customer (Refurbished PF13L160): We used the stove for the first time yesterday and it was amazing! We have a lot to learn but the first dishes to come out of the wok were surprisingly good. We found an old wok

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A few questions on received EF13LQN50WG

Customer (EF13LQN50WG): Hello, I received this item but I am concerned about it. Could you please answer some questions. 1) why is the item picture on the box different than the item inside? 2) what are the words that are

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How hot does the cast iron burner get?

Inquiry: I wish to purchase your PF13S160 model and have a question about how hot the actual cast iron burner gets. I have seen others online build their own carts and i wish to do the same thing with your PF13S160 model for

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Specifications needed on model# PF13CS130

Inquiry: Hello, i need the specs on the above model number, etc. how many btu’s does this stove has and can it be used with a descada 22inch disc that’s used to stir fry. Does the 130 means that this

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