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Welcome to the new generation of PowerFlamer propane and natural gas burners

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this new generation of PowerFlamer propane and natural gas burners.   Here we would like to summarize the improvements we have done to this new generation as compared with our previous one:

  • First the color is noticeably different from our previous generation.  Our previous generation burner color is silver.  This new generation is dark glossy gray.   The dark glossy gray paint will be much much rust resistant as compared with the previous silver paint.
  • Regulator response time to provide full pressure from the new generation PowerFlamer propane 160 burners  should be much shorter now.   The long wait time (>10 seconds) of our previous generation right after turning on the tank valve before cooking is no longer necessary.   The solution of our previous generation on this problem “How to get full pressure from regulator?” is on our product documentation web page.    
  • The pilot flame on our new PowerFlamer propane 160 manual propane burners PF13S160, PF13L160, PF13CS160 and PF13CL160 is now independently lit-able.   It is possible for the new generation to light the pilot flame before the main burner.  In our previous generation, we have taught a method “How to light pilot light for PF13x160 Manual stove?” in our product documentation web page where the main burner is lit before adjusting the pilot flame to be stable.
  • The pilot flame tube for the PowerFlamer propane 160 manual stoves PF13S160, PF13CS160, PF13L160 and PF13CL160 has a seat in the new generation and hence is more stable now.
  • For the new PowerFlamer propane 160 electronic ignition burners PF13S160EI, PF13CS160EI, PF13L160EI and PF13CL160EI we have removed the worm clamp between the hose and the valve/ignition head.   
  • The ignited flame of the new PowerFlamer propane 160 electronic ignition burners PF13S160EI, PF13CS160EI, PF13L160EI and PF13CL160EI shoots forward to top of burner instead of sideway as from part of the previous generation.  Please remember the electronic ignition can only be used for ignition purpose.   It CAN NOT stay on during cooking.   Otherwise the electronic wire insulation will become too hot and melt.  
  • The pilot flame for our new PowerFlamer natural gas burners PF13SQN120, PF13LQN120, PF13SFN160 and PF13LFN160 has complete combustion and blue flame now. 

You can use our contact form to give us feedback on our products.   2021/2/12.

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Cargo arrives 2/9/2021

Thank you all for your patience and using our contact form to query when we can re-open for order for PowerFlamer Propane 160 and Natural Gas 160 and 120 burners.   The cargo arrived 2/9/2021.   It takes us a few days to sort through the material and test build the products.   Assuming everything goes smoothly, we will re-open for order afterward.

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Our web site has been updated.

We use the Thanksgiving day to to update our site.   Please bear with us if you feel different from our earlier look.   The major difference from our earlier web site design is to group our products closely with variation along with their support documents, usage example, Q&A together.   We also use WooCommerce and Paypal for secure checkout.  Although our site has not enabled SSL, please rest assured that your financial transaction is secured by Paypal.  

Let us know any comment by Contact Us.

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Long Leg Stabilizer Adaptor

We have introduced long leg stabilizer adaptor.   When mounted at bottom of our long leg stoves, customers can place easily found heavy object such as propane tank, concrete block or bricks on top of the adaptor(s) to stabilize the entire stove.   This should be helpful when people want to toss food from wok while cooking.  For detail and ordering, please see here.  

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New Generation of PF13x160 stoves improves further!

Our new generation of PF13x160 stoves, which include PF13L160, PF13S160, PF13CL160 and PF13CS160, has improvements on various areas:

  • The long leg stoves are much more sturdier by our new leg design to accommodate the long leg adapter.
  • The burner pipe design is adjusted such that our short leg stoves are more stable when stand along.
  • Burner flame adjustment is much smoother and continuous.
  • Pilot light, when lit, is more stable.
  • Our stainless braided hose and regulator assembly can now be detached from the burner, following to industry standard. 
  • Our wok adapter has been redesigned not to block any flame from the burner.   

For stoves detail please visit the product page.