EasyFlamer Natural Gas 50


EasyFlamer Natural Gas 50 Burner family has moderate heat, from 5kBTU/Hr to 23kBTU/Hr.  It has an electronic ignition which is convenient when operational.



This EasyFlamer Natural Gas 50 Burner family has moderate heat.  The heat is still much higher than indoor gas cook top burner.

EasyFlamer Natural Gas Burners:  The burners are of cast iron.  The single burner has two venturi pipes, four flame rings.  Spider guards are installed between the ignition head and the venturi pipes in an effort to deter spider web build up.  Spider web can slow or even block gas delivery along the pipes to the burner.  This usually causes yellow flame at the burner or even gas burning close to ignition head area.  It eventually shortens the burner life.  A picture of spider guard is in the Usage Example section.  The power of the burners is between ~5kBTU/Hr and ~23kBTU/Hr. The stoves are adapted for natural gas use based upon requests from our customers for their outdoor high power cooking. They can not be used with propane gas.

Behind the front power adjusting knob and under the burner pipe and front cover there is an electronic ignition valve assembly.  The electronic ignition function is not reliable and its ability to ignite can vary from unit to unit and under different weather conditions.   We advise to always have a manual BBQ long nose igniter handy when the electronic ignition function is not working.   Please be aware that this product shipped from us may not have a functioning electronic ignition.  In this case the burner is functioning as a manual one.

The EasyFlamer burners can be housed in a wind guard.

There are two types of installations for EasyFlamer burners: with a hose or fixed installation.

If the stove comes with a 5′ hose, the hose end can be equipped with a 3/8″ male pipe connector or a quick connector.  A natural gas quick connector set goes with a pair of a plug and a socket.  The plug is installed onto the hose while the socket will need to be installed to the natural gas pipe.

If the burner does not go with a hose, the connector from the burner is 3/8″ male flare.  This is a connector of typical dimension to connect to a natural gas pipe line using a stainless fixed installation hose.  The stainless hose is not included in the stove package.  It is commonly available from any local hardware store.  There is a picture of an EasyFlamer stove installed with a stainless gas line fixed hose (yellow) in the Usage Example section.

The burner can go with short legs for table top usage and long legs for ground cooking purpose.  For long leg burner, if your cooking style involves wok tossing, you might want to consider purchasing long leg stabilizer adaptors.

The EasyFlamer burner is relatively shallow.  A deep round bottom wok may need an additional stainless wok ring to sit stably on top of the EasyFlamer burner.   For usage example please see our wok ring product.


Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 32 in







How to ignite an EasyFlamer natural gas stove with a long nose BBQ manual igniter.

Usage Example

Spider Guards are installed on every EasyFlamer Burner

Spider Guards for EasyFlamer Burner

Example of a yellow stainless flexible hose (readily available from local hardware store) connecting to an EasyFlamer fixed installation burner

Yellow Hose EasyFlamer Fixed Installation


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