Long Leg Stabilizer: For Long Leg Stoves


Long Leg Stabilizers – a set of two – are to secure on two out of three long legs of a long leg burner. Heavy object can be placed on top to prevent the burner from tipping during cooking.

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Two stabilizers are included as a set. These can be mounted on two of the three long legs of a burner. Once secured to the long legs, heavy objects such as propane tank, concrete or bricks can be laid on top of the stabilizers to stabilize the burner while tossing during cooking.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 1 in

Usage Examples

The long leg stabilizers can be mounted on long legs of our burner.  Heavy objects like propane tank, concrete block, bricks can then be placed on top of the stabilizers to stabilize the legs for wok tossing purpose. See pictures below for examples:

Stabilizers with a long leg burner

Stabilizer under tank

stabilizers under a tank

stabilizers under bricks

Stabilizers under concrete block


Bottle and stabilizer?

bottle is 1lb propane bottle. leg stabilizer is recommended is tossing is used during cooking.

Position of tank and wok support ring

It is OK to place the tank under a long leg stove. Wok support ring 1/4 high rail section is needed to prevent wok handle exposed to burner flame.

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