Long Leg Stabilizer: For Long Leg Stoves


Long Leg Stabilizers – a set of two – are to secure on two out of three long legs of a long leg burner. Heavy object can be placed on top to prevent the burner from tipping during cooking.

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Two stabilizers are included as a set. These can be mounted on two of the three long legs of a burner. Once secured to the long legs, heavy objects such as propane tank, concrete or bricks can be laid on top of the stabilizers to stabilize the burner while tossing during cooking.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 1 in

Usage Examples

The long leg stabilizers can be mounted on long legs of our burner.  Heavy objects like propane tank, concrete block, bricks can then be placed on top of the stabilizers to stabilize the legs for wok tossing purpose. See pictures below for examples:

Stabilizers with a long leg burner

Stabilizer under tank

stabilizers under a tank

stabilizers under bricks

Stabilizers under concrete block


<a href=”http://outdoorstirfry.com/customer-feedbacks/how-to-apply-the-long-leg-stabilizers/”>How to apply the long leg stabilizers (February 22, 2021)</a>

Customer (PF13L160):

For the long leg stabilizers, do you have a picture of what they look like installed? I may add to my order, but I can't figure out how they work.  http://outdoorstirfry.com/product/long-leg-stabilizer-for-long-leg-stoves/


If you go to the “Usage Examples” section on the web page, you will see how they are applied.   A picture is below.

<a href=”http://outdoorstirfry.com/faq/bottle-and-stabilizer/”>Bottle and stabilizer? (February 17, 2021)</a>


Hi. I’ve been on waitlist for this wok grill. What is a bottle? I need to buy stabilizer along with wok. Is there a cover for this?


When we say bottle, it is usually a 1lb propane bottle people use for camping or hiking trip.  If you buy a long leg version stove and your cooking style involves tossing the wok, then we recommend you to have the stabilizers.   We don't have a cover.  We just flip the wok upside down to cover the burner.  Let us know any further question.


What does tossing the wok mean? Would it be better for me to buy wok from Chinese store?  Can the propane wok be interchangeable with the natural gas? I think it is with bar b que grills.   Thank you.


When cooking a stir frying dish, time might be really short.  Tossing the ingredients is a quicker way.   You can buy a wok from a wok store.

The propane stove is not interchangeable with natural gas.

<a href=”http://outdoorstirfry.com/customer-feedbacks/questions-on-electronic-ignitor-head-and-wok-adaptor-ring/”>Questions on electronic ignitor head and wok adaptor ring (March 9, 2021)</a>

Customer (PF13CL160EI): 

Thanks. I received the package, put everything together and am excited to start using it. I just had a few quick questions. 

1) In the manual you sent, I saw that there were installation instructions for leg stabilizers, but none were included in the box. Do these need to be purchased separately?

2) Based on the FAQ and other comments that I've read, it is my understanding that the piezo electric ignitor cannot be used as a pilot light because the wire will melt. If the ignitor ultimately fails or the wires melt at some point, can I continue to use the valve manually by lighting it with a match or lighter? Under these circumstances, could I then use it as a pilot light and leave it on while cooking?

3) The materials included a base (where flame comes out and the legs are attached), as well as a ring that appears like it should be placed on top of the base. The instructions do not mention this top ring piece. My guess is that the wok sits inside this ring (as my 14" wok appears to fit inside this perfectly). Is this something that is necessary to use when cooking? If removed, can one cook on the base directly (presumably with a bigger wok)?

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Very good questions.

  1. The stabilizers are optional and need to be purchase separately.  
  2. You are right.  If the piezoelectric ignitor fails, you can use it as a pilot flame as the concern of the wire insulation is no longer valid. 
  3. The wok adaptor ring needs to be on top of the wind guard.   Flame needs to be coming out of this wok adaptor ring around bottom of your wok.   If this wok adaptor ring is not used and the wok tugs the wind guard tightly, the flame will not be able to come out to the top.  The flame will be forced to go downward, which can ignite other thing s underneath and heat up the entire stove.   This is dangerous!  So please always use the wok adaptor ring on top of the wind guard.   We provide the wok adaptor ring as a separate piece as you can turn its flame shielding quarter toward you to protect your hand to be burnt by flame.  

<a href=”http://outdoorstirfry.com/faq/electronic-ignition-etc/”>Electronic ignition etc (March 5, 2021)</a>


Good Morning, I'm interested in the above burner for outdoor wok cooking. Can you tell me a bit more about the electronic ignition and any other notes I should be aware of. From my research, this appears to be the most popular work burner out there. Thanks!


The electronic ignition is a piezoelectric spark type.  It cannot serve as a pilot flame.   If you scroll down our home page and use the search box,  you should be able to come up with the information of your interest.


Gotcha. What configuration do you recommend for outdoor wok cooking?


We usually like simple set up, a long leg manual ignition stove with a table on its side for spices and ingredients.


leg stabilizers?


You can have the leg stabilizers if you toss during cooking.  For most sturdy cooking with heavy tossing, we recommend to have the short leg version on a table.

<a href=”http://outdoorstirfry.com/faq/shipping-cost-to-uk/”>Shipping cost to UK (March 3, 2021)</a>


Good morning Outdoor Stir Fry team,

I’m considering ordering the PowerFlamer but wanted to check on an estimate for shipping to get an idea of overall costs. I’m based in the UK and would probably be looking for long-legged version with stabilizers. Also could you advise what the impact on shipping cost would be if I were to order two.

Look forward to hear.  Many thanks,


Shipping charge is $150 and lead time to ship is 30 days.


Thanks, what about if I order the stabilizers or wok in addition, presumably that would not have an impact on shipping costs? Also what would be the shipping if I ordered for example 2?


We typically can combine ship the stabilizers and wok set in one box.   Shipping will be doubled if you order 2 as we can’t combine 2 together in one box.   Our web site will simply add all shipping cost together.  So you will be surprised how much the shipping will add up.   But at the end when we ship we will refund any extra shipping charge once we have the actual number.


Thanks, that makes sense. I had indeed noticed that shipping costs for the stabilizers were added separately in which case I would be inclined to go for the shorter leg version as the additional costs in that case would be difficult to justify but if it is reimbursed than that would possibly change things. Can the short leg version be put on most services or is there a heat element to consider?


You will need a table for a short leg version.

<a href=”http://outdoorstirfry.com/faq/inquiries-for-pf13cl160/”>Inquiries for PF13CL160 (September 6, 2020)</a>


Hello, I was interested in the PF13CL160/PF13L160 and had several questions that I hope you can answer.

    - How long is the installation process?

    - Do you have a video of how to put the burner together?

    - How difficult is it to put together?

    - CL version indicates it is configurable to either a tank or a bottle. Is it easily interchangeable between a tank or a bottle?

    - What is the process of switching back and forth?

    - Long Leg Stabilizer (accessory): How is this installed on the long leg? I see the the usage example and it looks very helpful.

    - Pilot Light: I was reading the response in the process of the pilot light. I always understood it as lighting the pilot first and then it powers the burner but is it different for propane gas where we have to light the burner first and then the pilot light?

    - If I was to order both the burner and the stabilizer, is there a discount on shipping?

Thank you for your time and help. I understand ordering is on pause.Take your time in response. I am excited about your product and hope I can place an order soon.  Stay safe.


  1. We provide a user installation when ship. You will just put up the long legs and connect to a tank after the stove arrive.
  2. We provide a user guide in PDF.
  3. Very easy.
  4. There is an adaptor for the 1lb bottle. You will just screw the adaptor into the regulator connector before screwing the 1lb propane bottle on to it.
  5. you unscrew the adaptor out to expose the tank connector.
  6. If you zoom out the bottom of the long legs of the first example picture, the stabilizer is screwed and tighten onto a long leg.
  7. Because the high pressure gas, it is somewhat difficult to set the pilot knob correctly initially. We recommend to light the main burner using a long nose BBQ ignitor first, then adjust the pilot with the main burner on.
  8. We will refund the extra shipping charge after shipping.