PowerFlamer Natural Gas 160


Please Note that this is a stove using natural gas as fuel.   It does not work with propane gas.

This is a PowerFlamer Natural Gas Burner for fixed installation purpose. A typical natural gas stainless hose is required to connect this burner to a natural gas pipe. The hose is NOT part of the product and will need to be purchased at your local hardware store. Depends on actual installation site situation, additional installation hardware may be needed as well.

Wind guard diameter is 13″. Burner ring diameter is 8.5″. Burner has 15~16 holes.

If you like to read all improvements of this new generation, please read our post Improvements.

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PowerFlamer Natural Gas 160 Burners: the burner is cast iron. This burner is designed for fixed installation purpose. The wind guard is in galvanized steel without paint. Our PowerFlamer Natural Gas 160 fixed installation burners can be adjusted from 0 to 160kBTU/Hr. The burner has a pilot light. You can use a long nose BBQ ignitor to light up the pilot and have the pilot stay for your entire cooking process. On top of the wind guard is a flexible wok adapter. This flexible wok adapter allows the cook to adjust to his cooking position. The heat from these stove are equivalent to restaurant type stove power. In order to achieve highest possible heat from natural gas, we use jet type burner which does not maintain always blue flame. A video can be found in the documents section.

The burners do not go with any hose, the connector from the burner is 5/8″ OD (15/16-16 thread) flare. This is a connector of typical dimension to connect to a natural gas pipe line using a stainless fixed installation hose. The stainless hose is not included in the stove package. It is commonly available from any local hardware store. Depends on actual installation site situation, additional installation hardware may be needed as well. There is a couple pictures of a usage example with a stainless gas line fixed hose (yellow) in the Usage Example section.

If your cooking style involves wok tossing, you might want to consider purchasing long leg stabilizer adaptors.

(PF13LFN160, PF13SFN160)

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 13 in



PF13LFN160 PowerFlamer Natural Gas Fixed Installation Stove Flame

Usage Example

Here are a couple pictures of utilizing a yellow stainless flexible hose, readily available in local hardware store, to connect a PowerFlamer Natural Gas 160 Fixed Installation burner to a natural gas pipe.

Yellow Stainless Flexible Hose Pipe EndYellow Stainless Flexible Hose Burner End

Here are a couple pictures of customer pot sticking with a skillet.

PF13SFN160 PF13SFN160


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