Wok Ring


A wok ring adaptor to help stabilize a deep round bottom wok on top of a EasyFlamer EF13xx50xx burner.

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For accommodating deep bottom wok on EasyFlamer EF13xx50xx series burners. This wok ring can be placed on top of our EF13xx50xx burner to accommodate deep round bottom wok. The ring is not needed for our other burner series such as PowerFlamer.

The wok ring is of stainless steel.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1.75 in

Usage Examples

Our wok ring can sit on top of our EasyFlamer EF13xx50xx stove burner to provide support to deep wok.  See pictures below for examples:

wok ring on EF13xx50xx example 1wok ring on top EF13xx50xx example 2


Is there any wok ring that can fit this burner?

Customer (PF13L160):  Thank you for sending the wok burner.  I was wondering, is there any wok ring that can fit this burner? The edges on the surface that the wok currently sits in are quite rough, and makes it difficult to flip on. Plus, it is scratching up the bottom of my wok.  Thank you. […]

Does your outdoor wok burner have a ring for a round bottom wok?

Inquiry:  Hello. Does your outdoor wok burner have a ring for a round bottom wok? Also what size wok will fit? Thank You! Outdoorstirfry:  PF13L160 is specially built for round bottom wok cooking with a wok adaptor.  Optimal wok size is 14”~16” although it is capable of other sizes (13” 18”~26”).

What type of wok do you recommend for use with it?

Customer (PF13L160): I did receive the powerflamer, and I am in the process of getting my set up ready. What type of wok do you recommend for use with it? Do you suggest flat bottom or round?  Thanks. Ooutdoorstirfry: Either round or flat bottom wok should work.   More importantly please choose a wok with long […]

Wok burner question

Inquiry: What is the difference between the PF13S130EI stove and the PF13CS130EI stove? What size woks will work on these 13″ burners?  Thanks! Outdoorstirfry: PF13S130EI stove will only work with a 20lbs propane tank.   PF13CS130EI stove not only can work with a 20lbs propane tank but also can be configured to work with a throwaway 1lb […]

Newbie to wok cooking

Inquiry: Hi, I came across your website from a blog. I would like to start cooking on a wok for stir fry and other dishes. I have recently been to Thailand and am in love with the food. We are having a outdoor counter built (of granite) in our lanai, under roof. I would like […]

Need a new wok

Customer (EF13SN50WG): The wok my dad has doesn’t fit so we need a new one. Which wok do you recommend we purchase for the grill model? He wants one with a handle. Outdoorstirfry: Your father certainly is a quite experienced cook.  Long handle is much easier to maneuver.   Our long handle carbon steel wok is […]

Wok style for your burners

Inquiry: We have a 14″, flat bottom, carbon steel wok that is very well seasoned. Just wondering if it would work on your 13″ burners. Outdoorstirfry: Yes it should work just fine.