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Wind guard improvement for PowerFlamer propane 160 integrated ignition stove products.

Hi All,

Our new generation of PowerFlamer propane 160 integrated ignition stoves has arrived 12/2022.   This product family has a new wind guard design which minimizes the bottom hole size between the wind guard and the burner base plate.   A comparison between the new wind guard and the previous one is below. 

PF13L160IEI Previous generation
PF13L160IEI new generation (12/2022)


The new wind guard preserves a feature that it can be rotated to mount onto the burner base plate to accommodate 3 wok long handle positions.  

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PowerFlamer Propane 160 Electronic Ignition Stove Heat Continuously Adjustable?

Customer (PF13L160EI): 

In the product description, it says “Heat for all manual ignition stoves is continuously adjustable from 0 to 160kBTU/Hr;” I assume that the electronic ignition stoves are also adjustable from 0 to 160k? I would like both electronic ignition and adjustable if that is possible. I definitely want it to be adjustable!


Thank you for spotting the description on continuous heat adjustment.  Heat from all PowerFlamer propane 160 stoves is continuously adjustable.   We have corrected that phrase. 


Okay, that sounds great.

One final question/recommendation. I assume that this is the “EI” improved version of the Powerflamer 160, correct? It may be good to include an explanation on your website. There seems to be some confusion online about the original vs EI and which is being sold on your site.


Thank you again on the tip on the confusion.  Can you share a link where this confusion is expressed?  We need to understand what the original means.  We always sell the latest version.   The original EI can date back 15~20 years ago.   For how the original one performs, we just uploaded a video from a customer (#1 at where the 1st is similar to our original 15 years back and the 2nd one is our latest. 

It is hard to summarize all improvements we made in last 15~20 years.  If you have time, you can read through first 5~6 posts at


I think my main confusion was that this site ( talks about how good the “Powerflamer 160EI” is, but I did not find that product advertised on your site.

This post from March 20, 2021 ( made me wonder if the difference between the models was recent improvements.

 I only just now realized that “EI” was “Electronic Ignition”. It seems obvious now, but I only realized it by reading the many different SKU’s on the product page. (SKU: PF13L160EI-Long-Lead-Time Category: Propane Burners Tags: PF13CL160, PF13CL160EI, PF13CS160EI, PF13L160, PF13L160EI, PF13S160, PF13S160EI, PFCS160, PowerFlamer Propane 160, PowerFlamer Propane 160 burner)

Maybe a good solution would be to have a chart with the SKU/tag and then a description of what the numbers/letter mean.

Great video! I would suggest adding your description on now vs 15 years ago to the title or description to make that more clear!

Have a great day.


Your confusion makes sense.  Kenji bought a stove from us a few years back.  The stove he has is our previous generation.  We continue improving our product.   Almost every year we have new feature. 

Thank you for your suggestion.  We will see how we can amend. 


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What is the difference between 5B burner and yours?


What is the difference between 5B burner and your PowerFlamer 160 stoves?   Check this out on Amazon – High Pressure Burner Propane Iron Wok Burner 5B Fast Stove 100,000 BTU


Comparing to this 5B burner on amazon, here are some advantages of our stoves:

1.  We have long leg option;

2.  We have configurable option for 1lb. propane bottle;

3.  We provide spider guard;

4.  We have stabilizers for long legs;

5.  Our hose has stainless braid;

6.  Our paint lasts much longer before rust starts;

7.  this Amazon stove product may only provide two main power setting.  And the seller may not be able to tell you as they are wholesaler, not technical at all;

8.  We are designer and builder of our own stove, we know inside out and have our own patents.   We support our products from a sky high expert point of view.

List can be longer, but let’s stop at above 8 points. 


I like the electrical burner, but I’m worried the electrical switch will eventually wear out. However, Im assuming the manual burner will not, since less parts.  If electrical switch does wear out, will it easily convert to manual burner?

Also, does manual burner have the spider guard? 

Also, I heard people complain about the hose not fitting securely on some wok burners.  Does your model have clamps to remedy this issue?

Thanks for listening to me.


When the electric igniter fails, you can use a long nose BBQ igniter to ignite the main burner directly.   You are operating it as a manual stove without a pilot flame.

The manual stove has its spider guard.

Our PowerFlamer 160/120 stoves do not use clamp.   Our hose connection is patent pending.   The hose connection to the stove should be tight and meet local code.


One last question, have you done any new remodeling on the manual stove other than spider guard?  I’m leaning towards purchasing this one because I’m a cheapskate and don’t mind using long nose lighter ?  Thanks!


Here is the list of improvement on our manual PowerFlamer stove:

  1. Spider guard;
  2. Much long lasting paint;
  3. Top burner plate secured;
  4. Hose clamp removed;
  5. Stainless braided hose;
  6. ACME type 1 QCC tank connector;
  7. Long-Leg-able;
  8. Configurable to 1lb. propane bottle;
  9. Continuous flame adjustability.
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Stability and Cover

Customer (PF13L160/stabilizers/cover): 

What a pleasant surprise to know it’s coming earlier than you first predicted. (You first told me 3-6months.). A quick question I have while I am waiting for stove, regarding blue flame vs yellow flame.  I know we want the flame as blue as possible. So as a general rule, would you say I should just leave maximum air for the bluest flame? Or do you have a recommended air ratio for me?


The stove as shipped has already been adjusted to give blue flame.  However in case, there is a mixing wheel in front of the burner inlet that you can play and adjust. 


I installed the legs as instructed (screws facing inside, inward Bend facing outside). It is still very wobbly and I don’t think these screws are easy to screw in. I do a lot of wok tossing and I’m genuinely afraid it will fall over when I’m cooking and cause major injury…..can you suggest a better solution for me? Also tell me the screw size. I think I’m going to home Depot to get better ones. The ones you provided are hard to screw with my screw driver.

Just used my stove for the first time. I thought I would give you a bit of feedback if that’s all right with you. 

Good: The stove itself works great. The concentrated fire is very powerful. I actually caught grease fire the first time I add oil in wok because I wasn’t aware how hot it gets. That’s something I need to learn. Also absolutely love the pilot light and fire control. Now I can turn fire off and add ingredients , then turn it back on, without feeling rushed.

Need improvement: the legs are fairly stable, I haven’t had accident yet. But still not super confident with it, even with stabilizers. Your stove is advertised as 13″ diameter, but I only measure 11″ inside. So not very big to flip wok against fire-guard like those professional Chinese chef. But you can increase sales for smaller 12″ wok, since that fits perfectly. I bought the cover, that definitely needs improvement. It’s just a basic tarp I can buy from home Depot, doesn’t fit properly and doesn’t look nice.

Overall great product. Communication was great, and you were knowledgeable and fast. I love the Chinese entrepreneur spirit, as I’m Chinese myself. I wish you all the best. Happy holidays.


Thank you for your feedback.  We always want to hear what our customers say on our products.  We are always thinking of how to improve.  A couple points to clarify.  We name our stove 13” by its wok ring adaptor outer diameter.  We understand regular house does not need a restaurant type stove and it will require too big a wok.    Also We purposely do not make the tarp cover down to the ground which will collect dirt and leaves. 


Regarding the cover, what I mean was, it was a bit too big. Perhaps a more fitted smaller one would look more appealing, maybe even with outdoorstirfry logo on it! May I also suggest some clippings for the bottom of cover to secure with the legs. That way on very windy days, the cover won’t fly away. Anyway, that’s just my idea. Hope you find it helpful. Cheers.


Thank you for more information on the cover.  We make the cover for all our stove products.   It is slightly bigger for PowerFlamer propane 160.  We have bigger stove products.   Currently our cover has two versions, one with grummet holes and another with strings at the bottom.   If there are strings on yours, you can use them to strap to the legs of the stove.  If there are only grummet holes, you can come up with a string yourself to tie the grummet holes to the legs of the stove. 

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Buying experience from one customer


I am interested in this Power Flamer 16- with electronic ignition, and want the MOST RECENT model with the improvements. I had ordered this
product through Amazon, but it never got delivered even after repeated requests to track the package. How long will this take to ship to zip
code 78414?


Ever since our new generation arrived, we never have time to deal with Amazon.  So Amazon’s stock on our product should remain at zero.  This means that if you order on amazon, we will never get any request from amazon to ship.   I search our order queue,  you are not in our order list.   If you order not, lead time to ship is 30 days.  It takes 4~5 business days to ship to Texas.
Hope we answer your question.
Customer (PF13L160EI):

Hello,  Yes, I originally ordered this Power Flamer 160 EI from Amazon on January 13, 2021, but never got the order even after repeated delivery updates, and never knew that you do not deal with Amazon any longer.
It is now March 7, 2021.
This is not my fault that I never received your Power Flamer 160 EI from Amazon, and I was waiting every day for it to arrive.  I was given several update messages that delivery would be delayed but  never told that it would NEVER be delivered to me.
I should have been informed when I submitted the first order to Amazon that I would NOT be delivered and wasted more than a month of my waiting for it to arrive.
So now I ordered it again directly from your website and now have to wait more than another month to get it.
Can I be put at the top of the list because of this?  Thank you,
We were out of stock since 11/2020.  You probably ordered on Amazon from another seller.  Amazon allows multiple sellers on one listing.  Can you send us your Amazon purchase receipt for us to take a look?
I ordered this on January 13, 2021, and never knew that Amazon did not have it any longer.  Here is my order details (receipt).

Customer (PF13L160EI):

Hello,  I put in an order for the Power Flamer 160 with Electronic ignition.  I hope that this order will be delivered quickly because I have heard that other orders never got delivered.   I hope that my order is legitimate and accurate.
You must have bought it from a seller hfgxus.   Hfgxus is based in China.   Amazon allows other sellers to sell our stove product if the seller claims so.   Unfortunately it never delivers.  Fortunately you got your money back.

I ordered this from Amazon because I read from you that your new product was not available directly, and had hoped that Amazon would cover me if there were any problems with seller, which did happen, because Amazon guarantees good customer service and refund if any problems with order.  I waited a long time for your product.
It seems that you do, too, and am satisfied that you are responsive to my requests and communications.
I had no idea that this company  hfgxus  would not deliver the product.
I am very happy to deal with you directly.
We see your order of 3/5.   It will be another couple weeks before we get to yours.  We will email when ship.

Thank  you, I would like to get this as quickly as possible.  Please package this properly so that it does not arrive damaged.  I was hoping to put a good rating for you on your website if you allow it, otherwise I will do it publicly, perhaps through Facebook..  Do you plan to sell though Amazon, or only direct?  Either way, I will give you a good rating though some source, even on Facebook.   Thank you!

We are lagging behind not having facebook and tweeters.   After receiving the stove, you can write to us about all this experience starting from Amazon purchase to from us after receiving the stove.   Then we can combine all our conversation to put on our website anonymously.   Of course you are welcome to put it anywhere including facebook.

We had a dispute with Amazon in January on that Amazon encourages sellers like hfgxus to sell on our product page.   We are extremely discouraged to list there so far.   We will re-consider in the future.

Thank you,  I am very supportive of your position with Amazon allowing the seller hfgxus to continue to sell though their website , all you wanted to do was to have a great product at a fair price sold and supported honestly and correctly.  And all I wanted was to get your stove as soon as possible, honestly.
I will do everything I can to give you good product and customer service ratings everywhere that I can because you have  earned it though great customer relations and service, and I can see that others are happy with you.
If I would have known back in early January that Amazon was not being honest with me, I would have ONLY ordered your great product though your website directly, but I thought  that I would get the product faster through Amazon because of a previous message that the stoves with not be available on your website until later in January or February.
I am very happy and satisfied that you did things correctly and well.    Thank you once again.

I received the wok burner by UpS, thank you very much for your fast service!  I have not opened the box yet, but will do that Thursday and set it up completely.  Very happy with your service!

Yes, everything was intact in the shipping box.    I set up the 160 EI and have two questions….
First, since I have the 160 EI version is the pilot tube supposed to be so far back from the burner?   It seems to be back at the outer most ring, and I cannot move it forward any more and do not want to break anything…There is what appears to be a grooved rest closer to the burner ring…is the EI tube supposed to rest on that?
Second, I want to use a 90 degree elbow Flare connecter at the burner assembly and wonder what size thread size to use?  Is it 3/8 or 1/2 inch? Thanks, looking forward to cooking my first stir fry!

For the 1st item, can you send us a picture on what you are talking about?   2nd item, it is 3/8”.


Good morning, Very happy with your 160 Wok burner,  cooked my first meal, loved how it turned out.Thank you for getting back to me, here are photos explaining my question about the position of the electric spark generator.

I wanted to confirm that the fittings are 3/8 so that I purchase the correct ones.  Thank you for everything, you have been wonderful in every way!

The electronic ignition unit is positioned outside of the wind guard to prevent too much heat on the electric wire insulation.   When it ignites, it shoot out a flame that is long enough to reach the main burner.

Glad that you satisfy with the outcome of your dish.


Based on what you wrote to me about the wind guard and the igniter,  I will position the igniter a little bit further outside the bowl so it is barely inside the  the external bowl. I had no problems with my first cooking experience with the spark igniter. I read your previous comments about not burning the wires on the igniter. Your customer service is outstanding, and I will go back to Amazon and complement you as the inventor and developer of this wok burner with outstanding customer service, even if you’re selling it through a new distributor , so should I recommend that they go directly with or continue to buy it through Amazon?


Hello!  After using your outstanding Power Flamer 160 for several months, I am extremely pleased to give it and you a fantastic positive review because of how good the product is, and especially how you, Dong,  have provided great customer service and guidance during and after the entire ordering and delivery process. It arrived very safe in good packaging and I set it up with no problems but did send you a couple of questions that you answered immediately.  The Power Flamer is very easy to use, and if any potential user has any doubts as to how it works and of the quality, rest assured that this is a wonderful well designed and manufactured quality product that puts out high heat (160 BTU  Plus) and I am very glad that I purchased this from Dong who has been very helpful and communicative, responding to me immediately, the same day.  I am also complementing you on getting this Power Flamer to me very quickly, and I recommend that everyone go directly to the website and submit the order there.  Once you get your delivery you will be very glad that you ordered from Dong. I highly recommend this!
Please publish on your website and feel free to contact me at any time.
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Hello, Kenji (The Food Lab) introduced me to your product. His PowerFlamer had rusted in his backyard. I live on saltwater. I understand that
iron rusts, but there are paints that are better than others.
How would you rate the PowerFlamer in rusting?, (taking into account that you may have improved it since Kenji’s video?) Or, do you recommend a specific paint that I can use when it needs repainting?
Very good question.   The paint on our earlier PowerFlamer generations is silver and not good to repel moisture in outdoor environment.   If the stove body rusts, you can polish off the rust and clean with a dry cloth.  Finding special paint for high temperature BBQ type is easy from any local hardware store.   This is oil based paint and should last much longer.
Our new generation PowerFlamer has dark gray paint which is the best rust resistant paint we ever know of.  For all improvements of the new PowerFlamer generation, please read.
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I’m trying to understand what your warning about the electronic ignition melting really means (for PowerFlamer propane 160 electronic ignition versions).


I’m trying to understand what your warning about the electronic ignition melting really means and how that effects how to use the burner during cooking.

1)  Does your electronic ignition actually run on batteries and it has an on/off switch that can be left in the on position?  In it does have a switch that can be left in the on position then you are warning about the constant cycling of the ignition spark will melt the wires so the switch has to be turned off immediately after the pilot is lit?  Is this the condition you are warning about?

2)  Or do you mean your electronic ignition is actually a manual strike piezo electric ignitor and that the PILOT LIGHT cannot stay on after the main burner is lit or the wires will melt?  So what you actually mean is that the Pilot Light has to be turned off after the main burner is lit or the wires will met?  Is this the case?

3)  If 2) is the case does that mean I have to re-light the pilot every time I turn the main burner off during a cooking session?

4  If I order the manual version I can leave the pilot light running and only have to light it with a match once per cooking session.  Is that a correct statement?    Best regards,


Very good questions.   Your 2), 3) and 4) are true.


Thank you for your quick reply and for providing the detailed operational information and cautions on your new product design.  This is very helpful.   There are many design improvements so I see you are continuously upgrading your product and offerings.

I have found Kenji’s video’s very helpful and this is what got me trying outdoor wok cooking and indeed it was the restaurant style cooking and wok hei flavor I am after.   Best regards ,
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Welcome to the new generation of PowerFlamer propane and natural gas burners

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for this new generation of PowerFlamer propane and natural gas burners.   Here we would like to summarize the improvements we have done to this new generation as compared with our previous one:

  • First the color is noticeably different from our previous generation.  Our previous generation burner color is silver.  This new generation is dark glossy gray.   The dark glossy gray paint will be much much rust resistant as compared with the previous silver paint.
  • Regulator response time to provide full pressure from the new generation PowerFlamer propane 160 burners  should be much shorter now.   The long wait time (>10 seconds) of our previous generation right after turning on the tank valve before cooking is no longer necessary.   The solution of our previous generation on this problem “How to get full pressure from regulator?” is on our product documentation web page.    
  • The pilot flame on our new PowerFlamer propane 160 manual propane burners PF13S160, PF13L160, PF13CS160 and PF13CL160 is now independently lit-able.   It is possible for the new generation to light the pilot flame before the main burner.  In our previous generation, we have taught a method “How to light pilot light for PF13x160 Manual stove?” in our product documentation web page where the main burner is lit before adjusting the pilot flame to be stable.
  • The pilot flame tube for the PowerFlamer propane 160 manual stoves PF13S160, PF13CS160, PF13L160 and PF13CL160 has a seat in the new generation and hence is more stable now.
  • For the new PowerFlamer propane 160 electronic ignition burners PF13S160EI, PF13CS160EI, PF13L160EI and PF13CL160EI we have removed the worm clamp between the hose and the valve/ignition head.   
  • The ignited flame of the new PowerFlamer propane 160 electronic ignition burners PF13S160EI, PF13CS160EI, PF13L160EI and PF13CL160EI shoots forward to top of burner instead of sideway as from part of the previous generation.  Please remember the electronic ignition can only be used for ignition purpose.   It CAN NOT stay on during cooking.   Otherwise the electronic wire insulation will become too hot and melt.  
  • The pilot flame for our new PowerFlamer natural gas burners PF13SQN120, PF13LQN120, PF13SFN160 and PF13LFN160 has complete combustion and blue flame now. 

You can use our contact form to give us feedback on our products.   2021/2/12.

PowerFlamer Integrated Electronic Ignition (IEI) Propane 160 – Long Lead Time


These stoves have long lead time from order to ship due to various factors such as manufacturing capacity, inventory (in stock or not) etc..  If you can tolerate such long waiting time,  you can pre-order above into our waiting list.  

The stove in this product family is constructed to achieve best heating by concentrating flames toward the bottom of a wok.  High and adjustable power (heat) cooking is the key to retaining fresh and crispy of your food.

The stove comes with a high pressure regulator, hose, and a tank connector. If the stove is configurable, it can be configured to connect to a propane tank or bottle. If the stove is not configurable, it is ready to connect to a propane tank;

The short-legged stove can be used on a table at home backyard. The long-legged stove can be used as a ground stove, or on a table after detaching the long legs. If your cooking style involves wok tossing, you might want to consider purchasing long leg stabilizer adaptors.

The PF13xx160IEI is equivalent to a commercial version for fast stir frying in restaurants.  It uses high pressure propane gas to achieve the most powerful outdoor stove ever built for wok cooking.  It does not work with the flat bottom cookware adapter FBCA_PF13x130.   New generation of PF13xx160xx stoves adds to stove stability, smooth and continuous burner and pilot flames, detachable hose/regulator assembly and  combined wind guard with wok adaptor ring while maintaining their simple, robust, sturdy and reliable operation with key features of stainless braided hose, spider web guard, integrated top burner plate, adjustable position for wok handle, ACME type 1 QCC connector for north America and POL connector (upon request) for rest of the world (PF13xx160IEI);

Heat for all stoves is continuously adjustable from 0 to 160kBTU/Hr;

Stove wind guard: 13″;  stove ring diameter: 13″;  Hose length: 5′;  Height of long-leg stoves: 30″ for PF13xxL160IEI stoves; height of short-leg stoves: 12″; Leg base diameter: long-leg stoves: 30″, short-leg stoves: 10″.

For electronic ignition version, we can’t guarantee that the main burner can be reliably ignited by the electronic igniter head.  We recommend to have a manual BBQ long-arm igniter handy in case the electronic igniter head is not functioning.

(PF13L160IEI, PF13L160IEI_Cover, PF13L160IEI_Stabilizers, PF13L160IEI_Stabilizers_Cover, PF13S160IEI,  PF13S160IEI_Cover, PF13CL160IEI, PF13CL160IEI_Cover, PF13CL160IEI_Stabilizers, PF13CL160IEI_Stabilizers_Cover, PF13CS160IEI, PF13CS160IEI_Cover)

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Product suggestion


Can you help me with product selection? Looking for high output, propane tank only, work burner with legs.

Question. Are there any special advantage to electronic ignition?  (Very easy for me to use stick lighter and electronic ignition feels like more things tat could go wrong.) Also, I see that there is a new design coming in 2021. Does this effect the manual ignition version also? Will you soon be closing out the 2020 electronic ignition versions?


Based upon your description, we would suggest PF13L160. 

Very good questions.   The advantage of electronic ignition is that you don’t have to have a manual long nose BBQ ignitor when the electronic ignition works.  I agree with you.  More part can go wrong sooner.  Electronic ignition can last probably on average 2~3 years in outdoor all weather situation.  Our electronic ignition version is already out of stock for rest of 2020.   Our manual version will go out of stock in about a month.

The new generation will affect both electronic and manual ignition versions as they share most parts. 


What will be the differences in the new model? (Trying to decide if to order now or wait for the new version).  Application will be amateur home cook.  Not-regular use.

How do your units compare to the similar Manniu burners?


The new generation improves a few areas such as paint, flame, legs and regulator.  

We did not come out of these products out of blue.  Originally we were just regular user like you, starting buying from product sold like by Manniu to cook.  Then we were not satisfied on them and started to modify them.  The moment we were notified that we got issue of patent rights, we realized that we have to have money to pay to the government.   And here are the products you can buy with 15~20 years of improvements on them.


And thank you for the insights into the 2021 model.  In your opinion, are the upgrades worth waiting for or would I be perfectly satisfied with the 2020 version you recommended?  (I will go with the manual ignition)


You should be fully satisfied with existing version if you don’t care rust.  The existing one is silver color in all.  The new one will have more than one color among different parts.      


Are there useful functional upgrades to the burner and controls in the 2021 PF13L160 or are most of the changes cosmetic? 

Do some people paint your burners with high heat enamel to reduce the rust and change the color?


New paint will prevent rust much better.  New legs will improve stability.  We will make flame more consistent among different products.   Yes, people can buy paint and paint themselves.