Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor


An adaptor enables smaller 13″ flat bottom cookware on top of PowerFlamer Propane 130 series burner.

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This is an adaptor to place on top of a manual ignition PF13x130 (PF13L130, PF13S130, PF13CL130 or PF13CS130) burner to accommodate smaller than 13″ flat bottom cookware (pot or pan). If the flat bottom cookware (pot or pan) diameter is greater than 13″, this adaptor is NOT needed.

During cooking, this adaptor is between the burner and the flat cookware and is subject to flame. It can get very hot. Please don’t touch during cooking.

(FBCA_PF13, FBCA_PF13x130)

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in

Usage Examples

Our flat adaptor (FBCA_PF13) can sit on top of the stove wind guard to hold a flat bottom pan or pot.  See pictures below for examples:

Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor in Cooking

Depends on available product, following arrangements are possible.

FBCA_PF13x130 on top of a PF13L130closeup of FBCA_PF13x130 on top of a PF13L130

alternate FBCA_PF3x130


I received my PowerFlamer and am very happy with it.

Customer: Oregon (PF13S130 + CarbonSteelWokSet + Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor FBCA_PF13) Feedback: I received my PowerFlamer and am very happy with it.  So happy, in fact, that I ended up constructing an outdoor kitchen for it.  Now I am smoking, spattering, bubbling, frying,charring, stirring, brimstoning, wokking hai, wokking low…  That is, I am finally able […]