PowerFlamer Natural Gas 120 With Quick Connector – Long Lead Time


Please Note that this is a stove using natural gas as fuel.   It does not work with propane gas.

You can pre-order here (your money charged) to be placed into our waiting list.  Although lead time (pre-order to ship) can range as long as 2~4 weeks, shipping will be according to the sequence in this waiting list, first pre-order first ship once products become available.  Placing pre-order here indicates that you accept this long lead time condition.  You can always contact us with questions.

This is a PowerFlamer Natural Gas Burner with Quick Connector Set.  A 5 feet flexible hose is part of the package.  The quick connector plug will be on one hose end.  A quick connector socket will also go with the package to be installed onto a natural gas pipe.  Depends on actual installation site situation, additional installation hardware may be needed to install the socket.

Wind guard diameter is 13″. Burner ring diameter is 8.5″. Burner has 15~16 holes.

If you like to read all improvements of this new generation, please read our post Improvements.

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These stove products have long lead time from pre-order to ship due to various factors such as manufacturing capacity, inventory (in stock or not) etc..  If you can tolerate such long waiting time,  you can back-order above into our waiting list. 

PowerFlamer Natural Gas 120 Burners with Quick Connector: the burner is cast iron. This burner is designed for purpose of quick connect – plug and cook. The wind guard is in galvanized steel without paint. Our PowerFlamer Natural Gas 120 with quick connector burners can be adjusted from 0 to 120kBTU/Hr continuously. The burner has a pilot light. You can use a long nose BBQ ignitor to light up the pilot and have the pilot stay for your entire cooking process. On top of the wind guard is a flexible wok adapter. This flexible wok adapter allows the cook to adjust to his cooking position. The heat from these stove are equivalent to restaurant type stove power. In order to achieve highest possible heat from natural gas, we use jet type burner which does not maintain always blue flame. A video can be found in the documents section.

The burners go with a 5 feet flexible hose.  The hose ends are equipped with a 3/8″ female flare connector and a male quick disconnector.   A matching female quick connector socket will be also sent with the package to be installed onto a natural gas pipe end.  A quick connector set has a plug (male) and a socket (female).  The plug is installed onto the hose while the socket will need to be installed to the natural gas pipe.

If your cooking style involves wok tossing, you might want to consider purchasing long leg stabilizer adaptors.  Description and usage examples of the long leg stabilizers are at stabilizers.   Stove cover is at stove cover.

(PF13LQN120, PF13SQN120, PF13LQN120_Cover, PF13LQN120_Stabilizers, PF13LQN120_Stabilizers_Cover, PF13SQN120_Cover)

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 32 in



Add Stabilizers, No Stabilizers

Stove Cover

Add stove cover, No stove cover


PF13xQN120 Natural Gas 120 Burner with Quick Connector flame pattern is similar to a PF13LQN160 PowerFlamer Natural Gas Fixed Installation Stove Flame, with different max heat rating.


Only difference between PF13LQN120 & PF13LFN160 is gas connect method?

Inquiry:  Hi there,  Is the only difference between the PF13LQN120 & PF13LFN160 the gas connect method; quick connect vs. direct?   If so, is everything else identical between on two models (the burner, size, height, etc)?   I don’t understand how there can be a 40k BTU difference in output if the only difference between the […]


Keep pilot flame about 1 inch in length.

Rain Cover

flipping wok upside down to cover the burner.

Strategy Against Coronavirus

Customer (PF13LQN120):  Due to the Coronavirus,  I am cooking at home with a restaurant like high power stove. Outdoorstirfry:   I think you are making a good choice to stay more at home.  Bests.

Smell Gas

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How tall does the flame from a PF13LFN160 reach?

Customer (PF13LQN120): Looking at the videos, it seems that the flame on the natural gas burner extends far above the top of the wok height when used with full power. Is this correct? If so, I’m concerned that it will be a fire hazard to the surrounding area. Do you have any recommendations? Outdoorstirfry: Good […]

I am boiling 6 gallons of tea in a 16″ diameter pot

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