Common Stir Fry Techniques

Stir-frying (): Basic steps for stir frying are:

  1. Heat up wok and coat wok with thin layer of cooking oil;

  2. Fry main ingredients to desire ripeness;

  3. Stir in various spices for tast.

Yet stir-frying can be divided into many sub-methods:

  • Raw stir-frying (生炒) – main ingredients are raw without adding starch and thick paste.  Retain freshness of the ray ingredients.

  • Pre-cooked food stir-frying (熟炒) – main ingredients are pre-cooked and cut into one shape (for example dices, slices).  they are then stirred with sauce (usually thick/dark).

  • Slippery stir-frying (滑炒) – raw ingredients are marinated and then stir-fried with starched based sauce.

  • Clear stir-frying (清炒) – raw ingredients are stir-fried without too much starched based sauce.

  • Dry stir-frying (干炒) – without coating, raw ingredients are stir-fried relatively longer time to evaporate their water content.

  • Mixed stir-frying (抓炒) – main ingredients are coated with starched base batter (either with egg or just water), deep-fried, then mixed quickly with various sauce.

  • Soft stir-frying (软炒) – Main ingredients are smashed into small pieces, stir fried with water.

Besides stir-frying technique, there are other cooking techniques:

Deep-frying () – ingredients are fried in high temperature oil:

  • Dry deep-frying (干炸) – marinated main ingredients deep dried with a thin coat of starch powder.

  • Clear deep-frying (清炸) – marinated main ingredients deep fried without any starch coating.

  • Flaky deep-frying (酥炸) – main ingredients are pre-cooked, then dipped with egg starch mix for deep frying.

  • Soft deep-frying (软炸) – raw material coats with thin layer of egg starch mix for deep frying.

  • Paper-wrapped deep-frying (纸包炸) – marinated material wrapped with rice flour sheet and then deep fry.

  • Crisp deep-frying (脆炸) – marinated material wrapped with dry bean curd sheet then deep fry.

High heat frying () – Ingredients are deep-fried in very hot oil over high heat, then the oil is filtered out,  spices and sauce are mixed to the ingredients in the wok.

Slippery-frying () – Prepare the main ingredients the same ways as either stir-frying or deep-frying, then use relatively more amount of water in the starch sauce to mix with the main ingredients.  Main ingredients are typically in block shape. Result is a texture as slippery as satin.

Frying () – heat the wok, then coat the wok with cooking oil.  Put in ingredients to fry until their sides become golden color.

For the rest of cooking techniques, please see (in Chinese) and Wikipedia article