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Purpose of the regulator

Customer (PF13CS160)

I had a quick question regarding the regulator for the Powerflamer 160 I bought in March 2022. I see that the regulator model, painted red, is “XXXX XD01” but cannot find much information online with respect to what the PSIG is limited to. Do you have this information? 

As a curiosity, if I get a longer hose without a regulator (and control the 20lb tank’s pressure using the tank valve), would that work in theory? Is the regulator here only used for fine flame control?


The regulator output is XXX PSI.   The stove needs a constant gas pressure to operate.  If you get a longer hose, please connect after the regulator.  The tank pressure can vary widely from 50PSI to 350PSI.   This will put the stove and people around to danger.  Please do not operate the stove without the regulator.

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PowerFlamer Propane 160 Electronic Ignition Stove Heat Continuously Adjustable?

Customer (PF13L160EI): 

In the product description, it says “Heat for all manual ignition stoves is continuously adjustable from 0 to 160kBTU/Hr;” I assume that the electronic ignition stoves are also adjustable from 0 to 160k? I would like both electronic ignition and adjustable if that is possible. I definitely want it to be adjustable!


Thank you for spotting the description on continuous heat adjustment.  Heat from all PowerFlamer propane 160 stoves is continuously adjustable.   We have corrected that phrase. 


Okay, that sounds great.

One final question/recommendation. I assume that this is the “EI” improved version of the Powerflamer 160, correct? It may be good to include an explanation on your website. There seems to be some confusion online about the original vs EI and which is being sold on your site.


Thank you again on the tip on the confusion.  Can you share a link where this confusion is expressed?  We need to understand what the original means.  We always sell the latest version.   The original EI can date back 15~20 years ago.   For how the original one performs, we just uploaded a video from a customer (#1 at where the 1st is similar to our original 15 years back and the 2nd one is our latest. 

It is hard to summarize all improvements we made in last 15~20 years.  If you have time, you can read through first 5~6 posts at


I think my main confusion was that this site ( talks about how good the “Powerflamer 160EI” is, but I did not find that product advertised on your site.

This post from March 20, 2021 ( made me wonder if the difference between the models was recent improvements.

 I only just now realized that “EI” was “Electronic Ignition”. It seems obvious now, but I only realized it by reading the many different SKU’s on the product page. (SKU: PF13L160EI-Long-Lead-Time Category: Propane Burners Tags: PF13CL160, PF13CL160EI, PF13CS160EI, PF13L160, PF13L160EI, PF13S160, PF13S160EI, PFCS160, PowerFlamer Propane 160, PowerFlamer Propane 160 burner)

Maybe a good solution would be to have a chart with the SKU/tag and then a description of what the numbers/letter mean.

Great video! I would suggest adding your description on now vs 15 years ago to the title or description to make that more clear!

Have a great day.


Your confusion makes sense.  Kenji bought a stove from us a few years back.  The stove he has is our previous generation.  We continue improving our product.   Almost every year we have new feature. 

Thank you for your suggestion.  We will see how we can amend. 


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excellent design

Customer (PF13L160EI_Stabilizers_Cover): 

I am  certain you have many and congratulations on such a fine product. And big surprise, I was expecting a long delay.  

It arrived today. 

Your design is excellent. I assembled it, hooked to a tank, turned it on. The flame coverage is super. I had one of the burners at 200,000 btu, good for boiling water…only.  This is so much better. 

Thanks for all of your excellent design and work to have such a fine product and fast delivery . 


thanks for your good words.  Let us know any issue when using it.  Bests.

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Turkey Frying or Shrimp Boil?

Customer (PF13x160EI): 

I’m wondering whether the Powerflamer 160 EI can also double as a burner for large pots for turkey frying or shrimp boils? I ordered one, but now I’m wondering whether I was correct to assume that it was. Thank you.


IF you have a long leg version stove, please take the long legs off and place the resulting short leg version on a sturdy surface (ground for example).  Then you can put heavy pot on it and boil.

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Loving the outdoor wok

Customer (PF13L160EI + wok set): 

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the set up appreciate the fact that I didn’t wait for 6 months and optimized the garden a few photos to share with you. I’ve probably made 20 or more dishes only took pics of a few.  Thanks again 


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How to act as your own broker for import in Canada?


Below please find steps from one customer teaching how to act as your own agent for custom clearance purpose in Canada.  Please bare in mind that the requirement from government often changes and below is only for information purpose.  

This self clearance is handled under a program called the Courier Low Value Shipment Program (, and it can be used on any goods below $1600 CAD in value.

The steps to go through this:

Note: If the receiver is notified about fees owing by UPS, they can skip step 1, and contact the UPS brokerage directly.

  1. When the first delivery attempt is made, state that you will be self-clearing the package through the CBSA. Under no circumstances should they pay anything at this time, as that is considered to be them consenting to using UPS as their brokerage firm. The package will be returned to the depot, and they may or may not make another delivery attempt. Again, indicate that the package will be self-cleared.
  2. Call 1-800-742-5877, and select option 3.
  3. Tell the representative that you will be self clearing the package, and that you are requesting the invoice and shipping manifest for the package.
  4. Normally they will receive this by email within one business day, but I have had to call and email up to three times to get the information sent. They do include some instructions, but take note of the email address on the forms, as you need to return the forms to the same individual.
  5. Locate the nearest CBSA office that is part of the Low Value Shipment Program ( All airports that handle international flights will have one of these.
  6. Take the paperwork, as well as a piece of photo ID to the CBSA office and ask to clear a shipment.
  7. Provide the CBSA officer with the paperwork, and they will handle any currency conversion and determine the duties owed. Payment can be made using credit card, Interac, and cash, but credit is preferred. 
  8. You will be provided with CBSA Form B15 showing proof of payment.
  9. Make sure the UPS tracking number is written on the form, and send it back to the address listed on the instructions, or alternately fax it to 1-770-990-1724.
  10. Normally the package will be scheduled for delivery the next day.

One additional note is that UPS requires that the shipment be cleared within 48 hours, so once you receive the paperwork, get the package cleared ASAP.

I hope this can help smooth shipments for you in the future.


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Heights of Short and Long Leg PowerFlamer Stoves? Are the legs (bend) done properly?

Customer (PF13L160_Stabilizers)

Are the legs done properly ? Is the completed height 31”. I thought there were short legs for tabletop operation and extensions to use on the floor. Are the places where the longer legs attach considered the short table legs?


The short leg stove uses the short legs from the base plate, about 1.5 inches.  The long legs have bend such that they can spread out wider to increase stove stability.  Entire long leg stove should be about 30~32 inches in height.   This is to consider a wok depth of 4 inches, such that the wok handle height is at 36 inches.   We consider 36 inches as the average height for people’s elbow, comfortably lifting the wok with elbow in horizontal position.  

For how the long legs spread, please see the “Usage Examples” section of the stabilizer product   For how to spread the long legs, please see “How to achieve stable long legs for PowerFlamer propane 160 stoves?” at

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Long Leg PowerFlamer Propane 160 Stove into Stove Stand?

Customer (PF13L160EI): 

I recently ordered the PowerFlamer Propane 160 with Long Legs.  If I should get the Stove Stand in the future, can I remove the Long Legs on the PowerFlamer 160 and use it in the stainless stand?


If you remove the long legs, the stove becomes the short leg version.   You can then insert it into the stove stand

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Connecting PowerFlamer Stove to House Stationary Propane Line

Customer (PF13L160): 

I was wondering if I can use the wok burner connected to my house’s stationary gas tank instead of a portable tank.


IF your line from your stationary tank has >30PSI pressure, yes the stove will work.   However what we learn is that stationary tank typically has a master regulator that step down to too low pressure before connecting to the line to feed the house.   In this case you will need to install another line in front of the master regulator.   This new line pressure needs to be > 30 PSI but < 250PSI. 

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Material around stove and Flame level

Customer (PF13S160): 

thank you, confirming receipt of the stove now. Looking forward to testing it out.

I know you mentioned that there should be 1 ft of clearance on all sides of the powerflamer propane 160, but since I got the version without any legs, would it be a problem or safety issue to use it on an all-steel table? I assume the excess heat would not be sufficient to damage a steel table, but I wonder if the reflected heat would be damaging to the stove’s internal components.


No combustion material 1 foot around the stove.  Steel table is fine.   When you increase power such that flame comes out of the bottom and side hole, the stove becomes in-efficient.  You are using fuel to heat the stove body instead the your wok.   Please avoid flame coming out bottom and side.