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Tank adaptor for stove ACME QCC Type 1 connector for France and Germany

Customer (PF13CL160): 

The burner arrived, thank you, however due to differences in EU vs US gas standards I’ve needed to change the regulator.


Usually my customers go to the propane dealer to ask for an adaptor between your tank and the ACME Type I QCC tank connector we ship.  Can you also send me your tank connector in picture?


Thank you, I will send the pictures via my gmail account as I cannot send them easily with this account.   Please double check your spam in case the email doesn’t come through in the next 30min.   Thank you in advance. Please find attached images of the tank connector. I live in Luxembourg and I think this is a German connection.  It is very difficult to source a solution in the region I’m in as they cannot create custom hoses/connectors here. So any assistance is much appreciated.
Thanks for your tank connector pictures.  Can you see if the adaptor in this link works for your tank?   The right side of the connector connects to the ACME QCC Type 1 connector from the stove hose/regulator.  The left side connects to tank.  I know that our customers in France use this.
Thanks for this advice. I have ordered the following for German standard propane tank connections. I will let you know whether it is successful so you have the info for future clients.