PowerFlamer Integrated Electronic Ignition (IEI) Propane 160 – Long Lead Time


You can pre-order here (your money charged) to be placed into our waiting list.  Lead time (pre-order to ship) can range as long as 2 months. Shipping will be according to the sequence in this waiting list, first pre-order first ship once products become available.  Placing pre-order here indicates that you accept this long lead time condition.  You can always contact us with questions.    

PowerFlamer Integrated Electronic Ignition (IEI) Propane 160 burners, 0~160kBTU/Hr continuous heat.

New generation products have a bigger burner, 6″ in diameter.


These stoves have long lead time from order to ship due to various factors such as manufacturing capacity, inventory (in stock or not) etc..  If you can tolerate such long waiting time,  you can pre-order above into our waiting list.  

The stove in this product family is constructed to achieve best heating by concentrating flames toward the bottom of a wok.  High and adjustable power (heat) cooking is the key to retaining fresh and crispy of your food.

The stove comes with a high pressure regulator, hose, and a tank connector. If the stove is configurable, it can be configured to connect to a propane tank or bottle. If the stove is not configurable, it is ready to connect to a propane tank;

The short-legged stove can be used on a table at home backyard. The long-legged stove can be used as a ground stove, or on a table after detaching the long legs. If your cooking style involves wok tossing, you might want to consider purchasing long leg stabilizer adaptors.

The PF13xx160IEI is equivalent to a commercial version for fast stir frying in restaurants.  It uses high pressure propane gas to achieve the most powerful outdoor stove ever built for wok cooking.  It does not work with the flat bottom cookware adapter FBCA_PF13x130.   New generation of PF13xx160xx stoves adds to stove stability, smooth and continuous burner and pilot flames, detachable hose/regulator assembly and  combined wind guard with wok adaptor ring while maintaining their simple, robust, sturdy and reliable operation with key features of stainless braided hose, spider web guard, integrated top burner plate, adjustable position for wok handle, ACME type 1 QCC connector for north America and POL connector (upon request) for rest of the world (PF13xx160IEI);

Heat for all stoves is continuously adjustable from 0 to 160kBTU/Hr;

Stove wind guard: 13″;  stove ring diameter: 13″;  Hose length: 5′;  Height of long-leg stoves: 30″ for PF13xxL160IEI stoves; height of short-leg stoves: 8″; Leg base diameter: long-leg stoves: 30″, short-leg stoves: 10″.

For electronic ignition version, we can’t guarantee that the main burner can be reliably ignited by the electronic igniter head.  We recommend to have a manual BBQ long-arm igniter handy in case the electronic igniter head is not functioning.

(PF13L160IEI, PF13L160IEI_Cover, PF13L160IEI_Stabilizers, PF13L160IEI_Stabilizers_Cover, PF13S160IEI,  PF13S160IEI_Cover, PF13CL160IEI, PF13CL160IEI_Cover, PF13CL160IEI_Stabilizers, PF13CL160IEI_Stabilizers_Cover, PF13CS160IEI, PF13CS160IEI_Cover)

Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 30 in





Add Stabilizers, No Stabilizers

Stove Cover

Add stove cover, No stove cover


A video about the flame of PowerFlamer Integrated Electronic Ignition (IEI) propane 160 Stove.

How to get full pressure from regulator?  Time between two click sounds from regulator before it is ready to give high pressure can vary, up to 1 minute.


Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor

The Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor is only for PowerFlamer 130 stove. It does not work on PowerFlamer 160 stoves.

Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor

The Flat Bottom Cookware Adaptor is only for PowerFlamer 130 stove. It does not work on PowerFlamer 160 stoves.