Vegetable Table

Vegetables Table –  vegetables frequently used in stir frying in alphabetical order

Name Description
almond 杏仁
artichoke 朝鲜蓟
asparagus 芦笋
aubergine 茄子
bamboo (canned)
bamboo shoot
basmati a cultivated aromatic long-grain rice of South Asian origin.
beans 豆类
bean sprout 豆芽
Beetroot 红菜头
bitter melon 苦瓜
bok choy 白菜 also called pak choi.
Broad Bean 蚕豆
broccoli 西兰花
bulgur 小麦 parched cracked wheat
cabbage 卷心菜
capers 驴蹄草
carrot 胡萝卜
celery 芹菜
chickpea 鹰嘴豆
chive 韭菜
chives (yellow, hotbed)
crouton small piece of sautéed or rebaked bread
cucumber 黄瓜
daikon 萝卜
Endive 菊苣
Fungi (Tree ears) 真菌
glutinous rice flour 糯米粉
greens (gaichoy)
greens (kale)
greens (mustard)
Greek Oregano
lettuce 生菜
linguine 意大利细面条 narrow flat pasta.
lotus root 莲藕
mushroom (black) 蘑菇
mushroom (dry) 蘑菇
mushroom (white) 蘑菇
mushroom (wood ear) 蘑菇
noodle (cellophane) 粉絲
noodle (rice) 米粉
onion 洋葱
Pak Choi
Papaya 木瓜
Parsley 香菜
pea (green) (pea pods) 豌豆荚
pea leaves (sprouts) 豌豆叶
Pepper (green) 青椒
Pepper (red)
Pineapple (canned) 菠萝罐头
Porcini 牛肝菌
Rice (glutinous)
Rice (Mexican)
Rutabaga 大头菜
sauerkraut 酸菜 cabbage cut fine and fermented in a brine made of its own juice with salt
seaweed 海菜
Seitan Seitan is a chewy, protein-rich food made from hard winter wheat that resembles meat in texture and taste. Also called wheat meat, seitan is made by making dough out of wheat flour and water, kneading it to develop the protein (called gluten), while rinsing away the starch and bran. After this process, only the gluten remains. It is then simmered in water or vegetable stock that has been seasoned with soy sauce to produce a chewy, firm, meat-like food. Seitan can be sliced, diced, or ground and cooked in a variety of ways. Originating in Asia, seitan refers specifically to wheat gluten that has been cooked in soy sauce. Loosely translated, the Japanese word seitan means “is protein.” Seitan is called kofu in China.
sorghum 高粱
spinach 菠菜
squash (green)
squash (yellow)
taro 芋头
Tiger Lily Buds
Tofu 豆腐
Tomato 番茄
Tortilla 玉米饼
Towel Gourd 丝瓜
Tremella 银耳 A genus of gelatinous fungi found in moist grounds.
turnip 芜菁
Vermicelli 挂面
water chestnut 菱角
watercress ideal for making soup (a Cantonese favorite).
winter melon 冬瓜
wonton wrapper 雲吞