EasyFlamer Natural Gas 10 Two Burner Stove


One stove with two burners.  Power is between 2~10 kBTU/Hr from each burner.  This stove can only use natural gas.


This is two burners in one stove construction.  The construction is with aluminum as stove top and stainless body.  Both burners have electronic ignition.  Both burners come with soup pans as well as adaptors for wok cooking.  Length: 28″, Width 15″, Height: 4″; Both right and left stove burner ring diameters: 4.75″ and 1.75″. The power of the stove is  max ~10kBTU/Hr each burner. Installation guide will be provided.  Although the burner power is not high, two burners come in handy if you need to do two things at the same time.  It can not be used with propane gas.


Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 17 × 6 in


Usage Examples

EF05SxN10DUO flame.

EF05SxN10DUO flame


natural gas stove questions

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Received unit

Customer (EF05SQN10DUO): I wanted to let you know I received the outdoor burner and used it once. It works great and I appreciate all your help. I didn’t have the optimal wok for it, but still enjoyed the cooking I did on it.  One question – do you have any recommendations for covers that you […]