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natural gas stove questions


I am looking for a table top burner to connect on a residential natural gas line.

  1. Do i need a qualified Gas technician to install in Florida? I am pretty sure i can do it myself though.
  2. Is this type of stove suitable for Garage with a window? I will leave it connected all the time as used in kitchen.
  3. I have 1/2″ natural gas line in garage (picture attached). Will i be able to connect this model straight away? Will you include all required fixtures on both ends?


  1. Usually local code can require your installation to comply, especially if you want it indoor. In that case only our fixed installation type like EF13SFN50 can comply.   For outdoor installation, it is much more relaxed.  For sure, you will need to check with your local city.
  2. We would only suggest our fixed installation type for your indoor garage.  But we don’t have a suitable 2 burner fixed installation stove.  
  3. Your picture shows a shut off valve. Depend on specific stove product you buy, you might have to buy some fittings from your local hardware store to complete the installation.


Many thanks for your reply. Actually i was thinking to buy your EasyFlamer EF05SQN10DUO: Short Leg Duo Burner Natural Gas Stove with Quick Disconnect.  do you think this is suitable for Garage? Also, could you please advise about your return policy in case if it does not fit on our line or suit us?


Quick connector is usually an outdoor gadget.  Indoor even in garage is better to have fixed installation.  

You can return the stove within 60 days of purchase if it does not fit and has not been used.